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May 9th, 2022

Why is My Scalp Itchy? Our Top 5 Itchy Scalp Causes

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An itchy scalp can be both annoying and embarrassing. But why is my scalp itchy? Don’t worry we will run you through our top 5 reasons why your scalp is itchy. Plus the causes and treatments that will not only fix the problem but also improve your scalp and hair health too.


What causes an itchy scalp?


It is said that one in five people suffer from dandruff. Although it’s not a serious health concern, it can be quite flaky, itchy, and embarrassing, especially when you want to wear your favourite black dress on a fun night out. Dandruff generally occurs when the top layer of dry skin sheds away and mixes with your scalp’s natural oils, causing the skin cells to clump together and appear as white flakes.

To help solve this problem there are a few things you can do to treat dandruff and stop the itch. RPR Australia recommends investing in a professional shampoo such as RPR Treat My Scalp or SO Clear Shampoo. These high-quality shampoos have been specifically designed to relieve, soothe, and calm an itchy and irritated scalp, while gently lifting and removing away dandruff.

So time to say goodbye to dandruff and hello little black dress!

Can dirty hair cause itchy scalp?

Another leading cause of an itchy scalp is dirty hair. If you don’t wash your hair regularly enough – dirt, oil, and product build-up can cause your scalp to become itchy and irritated. When your hair is too dirty, it can also lead to unwanted bacteria, sometimes turning into dandruff and other scalp problems.

If you find your scalp quite itchy and your hair greasy, it might be time for a hair and scalp detox. To solve this problem, RPR Australia recommends shampooing with a deep cleansing range such as SO Deep. This shampoo will not only remove excess oil and product build-up, but also make sure your scalp balanced and healthy.

Allergic Reactions

If your whole scalp feels irritated, itchy, and flaky after you wash your hair, it might be time to stop and reassess what shampoo and conditioner you are using. Cheap supermarket products tend to be quite drying and harsh on your hair and are often packed with additional chemicals that could be causing an allergic reaction on your scalp.

Instead opt for high quality, proven and nourishing ingredients such as those found in professional salon products. At RPR Australia we pride ourselves on our exceptional ingredients. It’s not only about what’s put in, but also about what’s left out that’s important.

If you suspect you are having an allergic reaction, try looking for a gentle shampoo and conditioner range that is paraben free, sulphate free, vegan, free from phylates and triclosan’s, and contains no artificial coloured dyes – such as our RPR Love My Colour range. This gentle yet nourishing range will ensure your hair is hydrated, and your scalp cared for.

If the irritation persists after you have changed your shampoo and conditioner, it might be best to go and see your doctor for further advice.

Head Lice

If you notice your kids complaining or scratching their heads more often, it might be time to do a headlice check. Headlice is a common problem amongst primary school aged children and looks like a small white dot attached firmly to the hair. If left untreated it can cause the scalp to become irritated, red, and sore. Not to mention very itchy.

There are many methods for removing headlice, but one gentle and common treatment is with a lice comb and conditioner. The conditioner will not kill the headlice but will paralyse them for 20mins and allow you to remove them easily from the hair. Just make sure the hair is fully saturated with the conditioner and then slowly comb through each section of the hair until all the headlice and eggs have been removed. You may like to repeat this process over the next few days to ensure all have been removed.

Can stress make your scalp itch?

We all get nervous, but if stress takes hold, it can sometimes cause our nervous system to produce a burning or itching sensation across our body such as on our hands, arms, and scalp. This unwanted sensation can cause us to scratch without even knowing we are doing it.

If you find you tend to scratch your scalp when you are nervous, try practicing some deep breathing techniques, or try to distract your hands with something else around you such as a pen or your phone. Being present and mindful while keeping your hands busy will ensure you don’t unintentionally start to scratch and irritate your scalp. It might take some practice but once you have gained control of your stress and emotions again, you will start to feel happier, healthier, and so will your scalp.

So, it’s time to say goodbye to the itchy and hello to a fresh, clean and health scalp.

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