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April 13th, 2022

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

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How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Ah the age-old question everyone is dying to know the answer too – how often should I wash my hair? I hate to break it to you but unfortunately there isn’t a magical number as to how often you should be washing your hair. It all comes down to your hair type, lifestyle factors, styling products you use and how oily your scalp is.

But one thing we all agree on is that if your hair is noticeably oily, your scalp is itchy, or you have built up product in your hair it’s time to give it a wash. Most people on average choose to wash their hair every 2-3 days.


Hair type plays a major role in hair washing frequency. Thin and straight hair tends to need to be washed more often compared to curly, thick, or dry hair.

Ladies with different hair types

– Thin or Straight Hair

Most people with thin or straight hair prefer to wash their hair every day or a least 3 times a week. This is because thin and straight hair tends to be more easily coated in sebum (the natural oil produced by the scalp) and can weigh down the hair.

Ideal products for washing thin and straight hair:

SO ESSENTIAL SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER for gentle weightless moisture.

so essential shampoo and conditioner

RPR THICKER FULLER STRONGER SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER to revitalise roots for healthy hair growth and fuller looking hair.

rpr thicker fuller stronger shampoo and conditioner

– Thick and Curly Hair

As thick and curly hair tends to be drier; most people wash their hair 1-2 times a week. This is because the sebum is working for you and not against you, as this hair type needs more moisture, the sebum helps to reduce frizz and define curls.

Ideal products for washing thick and curly hair:

SO REPAIRING SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER to restructure and nourish.

so repairing shampoo and conditioner

RPR FIX MY FRIZZ SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER to smooth and seal the hair.

It is also recommended that you invest in a salon quality hair mask such as SO INTENSE MASK or RPR REPAIR MY HAIR MASK that can be used on a weekly basis to restructure hair from within.

so intense hair mask

These hair masks will help add much needed moisture and nourishment into your hair while also increasing hair elasticity and shine.

rpr repair my hair mask

– Dry, Damaged, and Coloured Hair

When hair is exposed to the stresses of modern styling, environmental factors, and excessive bleaching, it can damage the cuticle giving it a rough appearance like split ends. If so, your hair may need to be washed once or twice a week with a bond repairing shampoo and conditioner to restructure the hair and maintain strong hair bonds. A treatment should also be used twice a week for extra nourishment.

Ideal products for dry, damaged and coloured hair:

AMIPLEX SHAMPOO, CONDITIONER & TREATMENT for bond maintenance, strength and hydration.

amiplex enrich and amiplex blonde gift packs


The amount and type of styling products you use can also determine how often you should wash your hair. If your hair styling routine includes the use of pomades, hair wax and serums your hair will generally need to be washed more regularly compared to if you were using hairsprays, volume powders or no styling products at all.

rpr styling products

One thing to look for when choosing styling products is to make sure they are water soluble. This means that when you wash your hair all the product is removed. Generally cheaper styling products tend to build up and leave a coating on your hair overtime, which can cause issues when colouring your hair and affect the general feel and texture of your hair.

Always lean toward salon quality styling products such as those includes in the RPR and Salon Only ranges, as these will ensure your hair is well looked after before, during and after styling.


If you are a gym junkie or an avid swimmer, your hair washing routine would be somewhat different to someone who prefers the slower lifestyle. The main thing you want to consider is how to choose the right shampoo for your hair and lifestyle.

so deep shampoo

Shampoo’s such as SO DEEP is great for removing the grime and sweat you have produced at the gym. Providing your hair with a deep clean and hair detox with every wash. Or if you are a keen swimmer, RPR DE-CHLORINATE MY HAIR is also fantastic at removing chlorine out of your hair and making sure your blonde hair doesn’t turn an unwanted shade of green.

rpr de-chlorinate my hair shampoo

When it comes to lifestyle factors, if your hair looks, feels or smells not quite fresh, it’s time to give it a wash.


Scalp oil production can change over time. Teenagers and young adults tend to produce the most amount of oil or sebum from their scalp, while children and older adults don’t seem to produce as much. It all comes down to our hormones and the ageing process. So, as you age you might go from washing your hair 3 times a week to maybe 2 times a week as your scalp becomes less oily overtime.

A tip with oily scalps is to shampoo twice. The first shampoo will generally lather less and help break through the dirt and oil barrier, while the second shampoo will help lift and remove the unwanted dirt and oil. Make sure you concentrate your efforts on the scalp, as a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

The RPR REJUVENATE MY HAIR SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER range has been specifically designed to help balance scalp health and reduces oiliness whilst maintaining moisture on dry ends.

rpr rejuvenate my hair shampoo an conditioner


So, when it comes down to how often you should be washing your hair, it is different for every person. Make sure you take into consideration your age, lifestyle factors, styling products you use and of course your hair type.

If you feel like you are over washing your hair, try extending the time between washes by a day or cutting out one wash per week, then reassessing how your hair and scalp are feeling. Just remember, each person’s hair and scalp is unique and so will be your hair washing routine.

Happy hair washing all!


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