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They say, “blondes have more fun” and this can be true, as long as they have a good hair care regime that keeps their coloured hair bright and healthy! If you are after beautiful tones then look no further – discover our best hair care for blonde hair.

Whether you’re after a soft golden blonde or a platinum high lift; our blonde shampoos, conditioners, treatments and masks can help! Our hair care range is designed to brighten, illuminate, and nourish your blonde do. RPR’s advanced hair care products tone your hair and rid your blonde of yellow. Add hydration and nourishment to your hair without having to compromise your colour.

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What is the best shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair?

The best shampoo and conditioner for blonde hair is the RPR Brighten My Blonde, or the SO Cool range. These will remove unwanted yellow tones, and ensure your hair and colour is nourished, bright and maintained to the highest standard.

If you are after a daily blonde shampoo and conditioner, the best range would be RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. This range offers mild and gentle toning. For more intense toning, try using the SO Cool Shampoo and Conditioner range once or twice a week. This will provide intense blonde toning for a cooler, grey-blonde outcome.

How to protect blonde hair

As blonde hair can be fragile and prone to brassiness, special attention needs to be taken to ensure it stays health, vibrant, and bright.
1. Use shampoos and conditioners designed for blonde hair such as RPR Brighten My Blonde or SO Cool as they will maintain the vibrancy of your blonde hair and help remove any unwanted brassiness.
2. Before swimming, apply a leave-in conditioner such as RPR My Vitaliser or SO Magic. This will work as a protection barrier and prevent the chlorine seeping in and turning your hair green. They also contain moisture and UV filters to protect your colour.

Is purple shampoo for natural blonde hair?

Purple shampoos such as SO Cool Shampoo or RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo have generally been designed for people with colour treated blonde hair, as it helps neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones that can develop overtime. However, people with naturally blonde hair who want to maintain a cooler look, or prevent brassiness, can also benefit from using it.

How to take care of blonde curly hair

Taking care of blonde curly hair requires a combination of moisture, hydration, and professional hair care products, to ensure your curls are frizz-free and vibrant.
1. As blonde curly hair tends to be prone to frizz, we recommend washing and conditioning with RPR Fix My Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner to help tame, smooth, and seal your curly hair.
2. To revive your curls on non-wash days, we recommend applying a small amount of leave-in conditioner such as RPR My Vitaliser or SO Magic to the mid and ends, then gently scrunch to reshape and enhance your curls.

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