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Hair nourishing treatments nearly double the effectiveness of your shampoo and conditioner as they help get the best results for your hair. Enhance your regular hair routine by adding an extra boost of protection and nourishment to your hair with our salon quality, professional hair treatments. Treat your hair to some hydration and love with our range of RPR, Salon Only and Amiplex products, all designed to help your hair reach it’s full health and shine potential. With all the damage that colour and heating devices bring to your hair; help to maintain your healthy and glossy hair with hair nourishing treatments that fight and smooth frizz, repair daily damage, hydrate dry hair and reconstruct hair with our salon quality, professional hair treatments that hairdressers themselves use and love.

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What is keratin treatment for hair?

Keratin treatments are commonly use on the hair to help smooth, repair and reduce frizz. It is a powerful ingredient that will make your hair stronger and shinier, while reduce breakage and hair fall.
Our top three keratin treatments are:
1. RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Treatment – used to nurture dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair back to optimum health.
2. RPR Keratin Power Shot – an express keratin smoothing treatment to strengthen, tame frizz and add shine back into your hair.
3. SO Intense Repairing Masque – used to deeply repair, restructure, and nourish dry, damaged, and coloured hair.

Which is the best hair serum?

Hair serums are used to reduce frizz, add shine and lustre into your hair without making it look or feel greasy.
The three best hair serums are:
1. RPR Fix My Frizz Serum – Used to tame and smooth frizz, while also adding gloss, UV protection, and shine. Perfect for medium to thick hair.
2. RPR Make Me Shine – A lightweight, non-greasy finishing spray used to control fly aways, smooth hair, and add shine. Perfect for all hair types.
3. RPR My Argan Plus Smart Oil – A lightweight nourishing spray used to strengthen, smooth, and provide thermal protection. Perfect for all hair types.

What is the best leave-in conditioner for colour-treated hair?

The best leave-in conditioners for colour-treated hair are:
RPR My Vitaliser – A leave-in conditioner used to pump moisture, strength, and vitality into dry, damaged, and coloured hair. It contains an amazing blend of vitamins and UV filters, to help prolong and protect your hair against colour fade. It can be applied to both wet and dry hair.
SO Magic – A leave-in conditioner offering 28 benefits your hair will love. Including thermal protection and UV filters, used to protect your hair against heat damage and colour fade. It will also seal the hair cuticle, offering a barrier against chloride colour fade.

Can I use hair serum daily?

Unless you wash your hair daily, it would not be necessary to use hair serum every day, as it should still be effective from first application. It would only be necessary to wash your hair daily, if you were swimming, or doing sport and activities where sebum, chlorine or pollution would need to be cleansed. If there is a lot of humidity creating fly aways, you could apply a serum to the ends of the hair to keep it smooth. RPR Fix My Frizz, RPR My Argan Oil Plus or RPR Make Me Shine would be ideal.

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