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Hair Colour

Explore our range of wonderful and professional salon quality hair colour creams. We have something for everyone and over 100 wonderful colours to choose from across all of our brands. We also have a great selection of creams, peroxides and powders to assist.

With RPR Hair Care you can rely on professional salon quality hair dye to provide you with beautiful, long lasting results every time. RPR MyColour is an advanced reconstructing colour system delivering moisture, shine, and lasting vibrant colour. It is also vegan. ColourU is a superior hair colour cream with Cashmere Keratin and Black Pearl Minerals for radiant and glossy colour results. Or, for a semi permanent hair colouring system, our Vivid Mask range is available in seven extreme tones to create bright, vibrant colours and beautiful pastel hair tones.

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How to dye your hair at home

We highly recommend getting your hair coloured at a professional hairdresser. This will ensure the best results and colour is achieve, and your hair health is not compromised. At RPR Hair Care we do offer a range of semi-permanent hair colours that allow you to maintain and dye your hair at home. Our Vividmask range includes seven extreme tones such as red, copper, green, silver, blue, pink, purple which will allow you to create either bright or soft pastels at home. They are also a fantastic way to prolong red and copper hair colours in between salon visits.

Can you dye freshly washed hair?

Yes, you can dye freshly washed hair, however, to help protect your scalp, it is recommended you wash your hair about 24 to 48 hours before your appointment. This will allow some natural oils to be present on your scalp and reduce any sensitivity during the colouring process.

More importantly you must attend your appointment with reasonably clean hair, free from product build-up, as this can hinder the colouring process. If you have excess build-up on your hair, you will need to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo such as SO Deep or RPR My Clarifying Shampoo first, before colouring your hair.

How long does hair dye last?

Professional permanent hair colour such as RPR Mycolour can last up to 6-12 weeks. Its long-lasting results come from its advanced reconstructing mirco-pigments, cleverly replenishing, and restructuring the hair while colouring.

To prolong and maintain your hair colour at home, we recommend always using a colour care shampoo and conditioner range such as RPR Extend My Colour or SO Repairing to ensure your hair colour stays hydrated, vibrant and full of shine. Extending the length of time between washes will also help hair colour last even longer.

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