Please find below a list of common questions relating to our products and services.

Also, if you have a specific question, please feel free to email sales@rprhaircare.com.au

  • Where are your products made?

    We are an Australian family business and our RPR and Salon Only ranges are made in Australia.

    Our Mycolour professional colour system and AMIPLEX bond repairing range are made in Italy at a facility that is a leader in world class technology and formulations in colour. We do not compromise on quality.

  • Are your products tested on animals?

    No RPR products nor any product under any brand is tested on animals. We are cruelty free. Selected products throughout our ranges are vegan too including our Mycolour hair colour range.

  • Are all your products vegan?

    At RPR Australia we do not test our products on animals in any of our ranges. We do our best to care for the world in which we live and our fellow creatures.

    When developing a product we test on humans and sometimes synthetic hair as well. Once our hair lab and internal testing team are happy with the developing product, we send it to select industry hairdresser partners and technicians where it is extensively tested on the salon floor. If required, the product is then modified and sent back to the salons for further testing until it exceeds performance expectations.

    All of our products are ethically produced and we source sustainably farmed ingredients. Our manufacturing facilities have premium industry quality certifications.

    If some of our products are not purely vegan, it is because they would contain an animal derivative or by-product such as Beeswax or Keratin from wool. For example, beeswax that is sustainably farmed means that you are not depriving bees of their home or food. Only hives where there is an excess or plenty available would be used. Another example is Keratin from wool. The sheep are sheared not only for their wool but it helps them cope seasonally and to be able to shed the excess weight they are carrying. Keratin from wool is a commonly used source of protein in skin and hair care due to its high performing properties in terms of strength, elasticity, protection and repair. Keratin offers maximum absorption and penetration into the hair. The animal is not harmed when using the excess wool if ethical farming is used.

    Whilst some products may not adhere strictly to being vegan when an animal by-product is used, we certainly do not test on animals and choose sustainable and ethical farming suppliers.

  • Are your products paraben free and sulphate free?

    RPR products are paraben free and the conditioners and treatments are also sulphate free. Salon Only range is sulphate and paraben free. SO Cool is paraben free but contains sulphates as it is a specialist blonde toning product. Amiplex is sulphate and paraben free.

  • Can I purchase your products online?

    You can purchase the products via our webstore www.rprhaircare.com.au/shop.

    If you are a salon and wish to purchase our trade products online, please fill in the registration form  and we can advise you of the next steps.

  • Are your products suitable for sensitive scalps, allergies or children?

    Our products are blended with premium quality gentle ingredients that are suitable for children and for daily use. Salon Only is paraben and sulphate free if irritation is a concern. Our RPR range is paraben free. We have specific products carefully designed for sensitive scalps.

  • Does the shampoo I use really make a difference?

    There are different grades of cleansers and ingredients in products. RPR ensures that we source only the gentlest and most effective ingredients to treat, repair and hydrate your hair so you get the results you desire. Cheaper more harsh surfactants can cause irritation, drying and damage.

  • How often should I deep condition?

    The amount you need to deeply condition your hair depends on your hair’s condition. If your hair is dry and damaged, you will need to ensure you condition well and also apply a restructuring treatment once to twice a week. You may also need to apply a leave-in moisturiser to help protect and keep your hair hydrated on a daily basis. Normal or less damaged hair should be washed and conditioned as required and a treatment applied every week.

  • What can I do for my dry and flaking scalp?

    We offer gentle, effective products that relieve dry, itchy and flaking scalps. Our products have long been acclaimed as some of the best in the professional hair dressing industry. RPR Treat My Scalp and Salon Only SO Clear are both designed specifically to treat dry flaking scalps. They are gentle enough for daily use and soothe scalps.

  • My hair is oily on the roots and dry on the ends. What do you recommend?

    Look for gentle products that cleanse the roots but still hydrate the ends such as RPR Rejuvenate My Hair. It offers weightless moisture and shine. Dry ends will be hydrated, and oily scalps balanced.

  • How can I remove brassiness from my blonde hair?

    We have products expertly designed to rid hair of yellow and brassiness. RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner gently cleanses the hair and brighten blonde tones. Amiplex Enrich Blonde Toning Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment combines bond strengthening and toning capabilities. Finally, for more extreme silver blonde toning we recommend the SO Cool Shampoo, SO Cool Conditioner and SO Blonde Toning treatment.

  • My blonde hair becomes green when I use some swimming pools. How can I prevent this?

    Before jumping in the pool or ocean, sealing the cuticle with a leave-in treatment such as RPR Untangle Me or RPR My Vitaliser. This will help avoid the hair absorbing chlorine or salt and prevent blonde hair turning green. To remove green tones or chlorine from the hair our RPR De-Chlorinate My Hair Shampoo or SO Deep Clarifying Shampoo will help remove excess chlorine, chemicals and product build-up. Leaving the scalp and hair revitalised.

  • My hair is normally oily, and I don’t see a lot of lather with the product, what should I do?

    Often when hair feels oily there is a product or sebum build-up at the roots. We recommend shampooing twice. The first should release the excess build-up allowing the second shampoo to cleanse the roots and scalp. You may not see a lot of lather in the first wash due to the oil. This is a common occurrence particularly when you are exposed to pollution, use a lot of product or when you do vigorous activity. Our products are designed not to build up on the hair, but the use of high hold and shine styling products may result in a deep cleanse being required.

  • Can I use your products on hair extensions?

    Hair extensions are more dry than natural hair. You will need to use moisturising products and leave-in treatments to replenish your hair extensions and keep them soft. It is also best to avoid oil-based products for slippage. Salon Only SO Essential Shampoo and Conditioner offer weightless moisture without sulphates or parabens. Our hairdressing loyalists swear by them for extensions. SO Magic Leave-in Treatment repairs, hydrates and adds shine to extensions. A thermal protector should be used when styling such as SO Hot. RPR Boost My Volume Powder is ideal for reducing any oiliness and adding volume to the roots as you should minimise the times you wash your hair each week. RPR Smooth My Ends is ideal to moisturise, smooth and add shine to your extensions.

  • Can I use your products if I have had a keratin treatment done by my hairdresser?

    We recommend using sulphate free keratin-based products such as our Salon Only range and Amiplex after a professional keratin treatment. We have shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling products that are ideal after a keratin treatment.

  • Do you have professional basin sized products for salons?

    We have professional basin sized products for salon use. Email sales@rprhaircare.com.au to get advice on how we can equip your salon for success.

  • What are the pros and cons for sulphate free versus sulphate based cleansers?

    What’s all the buzz around sulphates? The truth behind the beat up.

    Sulphates can be cleansers and foaming agents and have beneficial properties such as cleansing, lathering and rinsing thoroughly. They are used in many personal care products including shampoos and toothpaste due to their superior performance.

    What cleanser you choose is all about the experience and the end feel. Both sulphate and sulphate free products can be gentle and effective. Sulphates tend to create a lighter, fresher, cleaner experience with light aerated bubbles when lathering. Many people desire the freshness of this finish and feel their hair is cleaner. Sulphates are highly effective to help remove product build-up and oil while leaving your hair fresh and full of volume. For example RPR REJUVENATE MY HAIR cleanses the roots and hair of build-up promoting healthy hair growth and reducing breakage. Other people desire a denser lather instead of highly aerated bubbles. For example SO REPAIRING offers a creamy rich lather which hydrates the hair promoting moisture and shine.

    We do use sulphates in some shampoos for a reason! Every RPR product contains a blend of ingredients, like botanicals extracts, vitamins, proteins, oils and other functional ingredients. Each product is carefully formulated to maximise its product performance, effectiveness and gentleness. We use both sulphate-based and non-sulphate-based cleansers to achieve the desired end benefit. We choose based on ensuring the right surfactant blend for a product’s performance rather than whether the product simply contains sulphates. When we decide to use a sulphate-based cleanser in any product to enhance performance, we use gentle, safe plant-derived options. We do not use sulphate cleansers such as sodium lauryl sulphates (SLS). However, it should also be noted, that to the best of our knowledge there is no conclusive scientific case where sulphates have been linked to causing serious harm. A lot of media hype has been made. There have been some minor cases of some mild irritation on highly sensitive people. Usually these people are aware of their sensitivity to products and ingredients.
    We have options in our RPR, SO and AMIPLEX ranges to cater to all preferences and hair types. There is no right or wrong choice. It is merely personal preference.

  • How do your colours perform on grey hair?

    RPR Mycolour provides 100% grey coverage. Our excellent coverage and long-lasting vibrant colours are the reason that Mycolour is the fastest growing Australian hair colour.

  • Is your colour high in ammonia?

    RPR Mycolour has a very low ammonia level with micro-pigment technology so the colour can penetrate the hair without damage. The system is designed as a reconstructing colour system, so hair condition is optimal. Our colour is used by thousands of hairdressers across the globe.

  • When buying professional hair products, are there different ones for men and women?

    Our products are suitable for both female and male hair. What is important is that you select the correct product for your hair thickness and condition. E.g. if you have dry damaged hair then look for repairing products such as SO Repairing. If you have fine, thinning hair you can find thickening products that add volume like RPR My Thicker, Fuller, Stronger. Also consider if your hair is coloured as you will require colour specialist products such RPR Extend My Colour.

  • How do I go about stocking your products?

    You can register online on our website or email sales@rprhaircare.com.au and we will put you in touch with a Business Development Specialist who will work with you to create a package that best suits your needs. We are big enough to service you well and small enough to care. Alternatively, you can call head office on +61 3 9556 0900.

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