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September 20th, 2018

Going From Brown To Blonde | 5 Things You Should Know

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Going From Brown To Blonde – 5 Things You Should Know

1. Colour of the hair

Natural hair with no artificial colour is best and your colourist will achieve the best results.

However as most of us do colour our hair, you need to be aware that hair with artificial colour will take a lot longer to achieve blonde. It can take a number of visits to your salon to get the colour you desire.

2. Maintenance

Going blonde is high maintenance, if you are not prepared for high maintenance don’t go for a full scalp lightener or foils. Maybe go for an ombre or balayage instead.

Another important thing to consider is home care. Make sure you use specialised products created for blonde hair.

Some popular products used and sold by hairdressers include:
AMIPLEX ENRICH BLONDE Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment
SO COOL Shampoo and Conditioner
RPR BRIGHTEN MY BLONDE Shampooand Conditioner.

AMIPLEX strengthens the hair bonds, reducing breakage. SO COOL is an intense blonde toning product and can be used in conjuction with SO BLONDE to prevent orange tones. RPR BRIGHTEN MY BLONDE is a gentle and nourishing range for blondes.

As going lighter can create dry or damaged hair, an intense treatment such as AMIPLEX BLONDE TONING 3, SO BLONDE, SO INTENSE or RPR REPAIR MY HAIR needs to be used once a week.

During your colour service you should also ask for an AMIPLEX Rebonding Treatment as this helps prevent breakage and protects the inner structure of the hair.

3. Shades of blonde

Blonde isn’t universal so talk openly to your colourist.

There are many shades of blonde so make sure you take pictures of the blondes you like with you to the salon as this will give a clearer picture of the shade you are after.

There are warm and cool blondes and current trends also have pastel blondes as popular choices.

4. Patience

Patience is the key as it may take a few visits to the salon before you achieve the shade you are after.

Depending on how dark you are and how light you want to go, you may have 3 to 4 visits to the salon to get the correct shade. You don’t want to damage your hair so a slower and longer process is always advisable.

Resist the urge to do a home colour to go blonde as this will never give you the result you are after.

We have been in the salon industry for decades and have seen a lot of disasters from home blonding. You don’t want to achieve a brassy mismatched colour, which is what a home job will give you.

5. Hair & Make-up

Another thing to remember is that your hair texture can change when going blonde. If your hair is curly you will notice that your hair will be straighter than before.

Your make-up may also need to change, such as your foundation colour or brow pencil colour to work in with your new hair colour.


Be honest with your colourist about what you have been using on your hair ie: supermarket bought shampoo or home hair colour, as all of this will have a deciding factor on how long your blonde lightening or bleaching will take.

Some products prevent colour from effectively penetrating the hair shaft. Your colourist needs to be fully aware of all of the factors they are dealing with.

At the end of the day we all love a change, don’t be scared, put your hair in the hands of a professional colourist and go slowly. Step-by-step will achieve the most amazing results in the end.

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