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August 22nd, 2018

4 Tips To Get Your Curls To Stay & Slay | RPR Hair Care

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4 Tips To Get Your Curls To Stay and Slay

Getting those perfect curls can sometimes take some time and a bit of patience. It is important to understand the various methods you can use to reach your curly hair dreams and the effects they can have on your hair. If you are using heat to obtain that perfect curly look , it is important to check your hairs health before hand. If yo uare using curlers, you need to check which size will work and be most effective on your hair. Read more to see our top 4 tips to get your curls to stay & slay!

Step 1: Always Protect Your Hair

When using thermal styling tools such as a blow dryer or curling wand, always spray your hair with a thermal protecting product such as SO HOT. SO HOT protects your hair up to 220 degrees and helps reduce damage.

so hot thermal protection spray

Step 2: Use Correct Salon Curling Products

This is important. When hair is damp work through a decent amount of RPR MAKE ME CURLY

rpr make me curly 200g hair cream

RPR Make Me Curly will help define, hold and condition your curls while reducing frizz.

Next shake curls loose after natural drying or use a diffuser for added volume and bounce.

Step 3: Clip Curls & Cool Down

When curling your hair always clip your curl up in a curl shape after using your straightener or curl stick. Then take the next section, curl, then repeat above. When all hair has cooled down take out clips and style as desired.

Step 4: Achieving The Desired Curl Size

Make sure you use the correct barrel size for the curl you are after when using a curling stick. Also remember, don’t take big sections – smaller is better.

If after all this your hair still isn’t curling well, seek help from a professional stylist. Damaged hair including split ends will not curl well. You may need some hair love in the form of a treatment to help bring hair up to its healthiest best.


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