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August 6th, 2018

Expert Tips You Need To Know About RPR Untangle Me

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Expert Tips Need To Know About RPR Untangle Me

RPR Untangle Me is one of the most versatile products you can have in the salon. There are a few benefits you may not be aware of. It’s not just a lightweight detangling conditioning spray, Untangle Me adds value in many ways. Here is what you need to know about RPR Untangle Me:

1. Untangle Me can be used as a porosity equaliser for perming. Spray it onto damp hair before winding perm.

2. Add Untangle Me to your colour or toner to make the porosity even. Alternatively spray it directly on the hair to get an even colour result.

3. With added UV Filters, Untangle Me helps protect the hair and colour from the sun, therefore promoting longer lasting more vibrant colour.

4. Untangle Me is ideal for fine hair and especially great to get children’s knots out hassle free!

5. Untangle Me is enriched with ginger. Ginger is rich in minerals and essential fatty acids which helps make the hair more manageable, softer and shinier. It also helps reduce hair loss and thinning for thicker fuller hair.

6. Untangle Me is also enriched with ginseng. Ginseng strengthens hair from the roots by increasing the absorption of nutrients essential for growing stronger, healthier hair.

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