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January 8th, 2022

Find The Perfect Part & Haircut For Your Face Shape

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Find The Perfect Part & Haircut For Your Face Shape

Have you ever regretted parting your hair a particular way or a new haircut choice? I think everyone has had one of these moments in their lifetime. Did you know that it might have had something to do with your face shape? For years, professional stylists have recognised that certain face shapes suit certain styles more than others. To help narrow down what style will suit you best, the expert stylists at RPR Australia have come up with a list of recommendations that will embrace your features and compliment your look. Now get your combs ready, it’s time to find the perfect part & haircut for your face shape.

Oval Faces

Oval faces are one of the easiest and most versatile face shapes, as these ladies can pretty much pull off any look. Middle, side part, deep side part with bangs, short hair, long hair, anything goes. So, ladies embrace your oval faces and have some fun! Experiment, change it up until you find the perfect look to compliment your style.

beyonce knowles hair style with round face

Beyonce Knowles | Image source Pinterest

Round Faces

Round faces tend to look best with a strong middle part or a deep side part as these styles help create a sense of length, symmetry and gives the illusion of a narrower face line. You want to steer away from anything that will add additional emphasis to your cheeks.

Regarding haircuts, try to avoid one-length blunt bobs at jaw level as this style will tend to make your face appear broader than it needs to be. Instead opt for longer layers or even a cute lob ending right above the collar bones to help elongate your face shape.

emma stone hairstyle with round face shape

Emma Stone | Image source Pinterest

Square Faces

With square faces we tend to want to create a softer look to help soften your prominent jawline and forehead. We suggest trying a side part with soft sweeping bangs to offset your strong face shape. Just make sure the side part isn’t too deep as this can cause the opposite affect and place more emphases on your square features.

As with round faces, you generally want to avoid one length bob haircuts and wide blunt bangs as these will accentuate your sharp angles. Instead opt for long multiple layers to help soften your overall look.

keira knightley square face haircut

Keira Knightley | Image source Vogue UK

Rectangle Faces

Rectangle faces look best with a middle part and layers to help create the illusion of roundness and to help soften the sharp angles. People with rectangle faces also look great with a fringe as this helps to shorten the forehead and provide a rounder look.

Things to avoid is anything that will create additional volume at the crown of your head, as this will add additional height and length to your face and look.

sarah jessica parker hairstyle rectangle face

Sarah Jessica Parker | Image source Pinterest

Diamond Faces

Diamond faces have a narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow jawline. Because of this, short cuts and side parts work beautifully with diamond shaped faces as they help compliment the narrower forehead. Curls, waves, and additional texture also works well to assist in softening the strong cheekbones. Just try to avoid anything too long as this will overshadow your face shape.

victoria beckham hairstyle diamond face

Victoria Beckham | Image source Vogue UK

Heart Faces

Heart faces are usually distinguished by a wide forehead and cheekbones, which then taper down into a narrow jawline and chin. Because of this, you want to steer clear from centre parts as this will tend to make your chin seem too harsh and pointy. Instead, opt for a beautiful side part which will help create a softer and more balanced look.

Additionally, bangs are a fantastic choice for heart shaped faces as the extra coverage on the forehead helps balance out your wider top features. They look best when they are kept long and sweep across your face.

reese witherspoon hairstyle with heart shaped face

Reese Witherspoon | Image source Pinterest

No matter what face shape, part or style, make sure you always use professional grade hair products to ensure your locks are kept in optimal condition, health, and maximise shine. For a full range of Australian owned and cruelty free shampoos, conditionersstyling products and treatments be sure to check out RPR Australia’s simple and effective products to tantalise your senses and keep you coming back for more. Happy hair day everyone!


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