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November 14th, 2021

5 Expert Tips For Gorgeous Summer Hair

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5 Expert Tips For Gorgeous Summer Hair

Summer is just around the corner, and you probably already have your beach bag packed with your sunnies, towel, sunscreen and a hat. But the rising heat and humidity can be a rough deal for your hair. Is your hair ready to beat the heat?
Pools, sea salt and the summer sun can leave your hair feeling dry, frizzy and a little bit dull. Thankfully, the right haircare routine along with some great products and tricks will help ensure that your hair stays hydrated and healthy all summer long.

1. Apply A Leave-In Conditioner Before You Swim

Do you love to take a dip in the pool but loathe the knots that come with brushing it afterwards? Well, we have a hair saving tip for you! At RPR Australia we recommend applying a leave-in conditioner such as RPR MY VITALISER to your hair before you plunge into the pool. This will work as a protection barrier and help prevent the chlorine seeping into the hair shafts, as well as providing much needed moisture to your locks. It also contains UV filters to protect your colour as well. Additionally, you can spritz your hair with RPR UNTANGLE ME before you brush your hair to help with frictionless wet combing.

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2. Shampoo With A Specialised Deep Cleanser To Rid Hair Of Chemicals

It is a well-known fact that chlorine can have a significant impact on your hair colour, especially blonde hair.
To combat this issue, we recommend you use a specially designed product such as RPR DE-CHLORINATE MY HAIR or SO DEEP .  These amazing products will help rid your hair of chlorine, odours, minerals from bore water, chemicals, and salt as well as product build-up after your swim in the pool. They have been scientifically designed to removes green tones from blonde hair and are gentle enough to use daily. The perfect shampoo for every beach bag.

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3. Apply A Hair Mask Treatment Once A Week

Unfortunately, your hair tends to become drier, more fragile and frizzier during the summer months as it is exposed to more UV rays and the summer heat. It is important that we counteract this by applying a deep conditioning hair mask treatment such as RPR REPAIR MY HAIR KERATIN TREATMENT or SO INTENSE REPAIRING MASQUE once a week to help reconstruct and nurture dry, damaged, or chemically treated hair back to health.
Most of us think that using a conditioner is enough, and it is true, a conditioner will help make your hair feel silky and manageable; however, hair masks go one step further. A hair mask will reconstruct hair from within as well as deeply hydrating it, rejuvenating your scalp and reducing hair breakage and frizz. Providing you with longer, stronger locks.

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4. Visit Your Hairdresser For A Trim

Just before the summer months arrive, it is the perfect time to book an appointment with your hairdressers for a much-needed trim. This will help take care of any pesky dry split ends and bring your hair back to life. Trimming your hair encourages healthy hair growth, reduces frizz and the number of knots you may suffer. Many people also say that a sneaky trim can also give the illusion that your hair is much fuller than what it is. To help keep your freshly trimmed ends in prime condition, you can apply a small amount of RPR SMOOTH MY ENDS leave-in treatment every week to help moisturise, seal and protect your ends all summer long.

rpr smooth my ends hair treatment for summer hair

5. Drink Plenty Of Water

Everyone knows that a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water helps keep your skin hydrated and fresh, but did you know it also has many benefits for your hair as well? As a percentage of your hair is made up of water, it is only fitting that drinking plenty of water will help keep your locks hydrated, shiny and healthy. Increasing your water intake over the summer months will also encourage a healthy scalp meaning less chance of developing dryness and possibly dandruff. If your scalp does become dry and itchy, RPR Australia recommends using a gentle shampoo such as RPR TREAT MY SCALP or SO CLEAR to help treat and sooth your dry, irritated scalp. It is gentle enough for daily use on all hair types. So, for your health and your hair health, make sure you drink up!

rpr treat my scalp shampoo for summer hair

Alright, enough said! We can already feel the warm sand between our toes and salt in the air. We’re off to the beach. Happy Summer y’all!

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