October 29th, 2021


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5 key points that will help you survive the rush back into salons

We wanted to share with you, our hairdressing family, 5 key points that will help you survive the rush back into salons after lockdowns. This is based on feedback that we are hearing from our RPR community and some tips to help you not feel overwhelmed.

Extended lockdowns from Covid have resulted in very neglected hair from clientele which requires much more attention that your usual time slot with them.

Allow extra time for services

When making the booking it would be advisable to do a brief consultation over the phone to try to gauge how much extra time you may require. You need to be paid for the extra time and work and don’t want it to come as a nasty shock to your client. Find out if they have used boxed colour at home and what products they have been using as well as desired colour.

In-Salon Consultation is the key

This is when an in-depth understanding of their recent hair history is vital for success. You can see the condition of their hair, any home colour they have applied and if their desired result is possible. You can calculate the extra time and product needed and advise them. You may even need a revised formula or 50% more time and therefore an increase in price if the required job demands it. Many hairdressers are finding a lot of resistance to colouring due to what clients put in their hair as well as greater number of greys due to the long time between salon visits. Please refer to our technical manual and always remember texture is the key.

Factor in a “hair clean out” process

Prior to commencing you will need to do a thorough deep cleanse to rid the hair of as much colour or product build-up as possible to ensure that your colour service can penetrate the cuticle. Many box colours are direct dyes that coat the cuticle and prevent colour penetrating properly. Also, many cheaper non- professional hair care products contain poor quality silicones that coat the hair shaft build-up over time leaving the hair limp, dull, dry and unable to absorb colour. You will need a clarifying shampoo such as RPR My Clarifying shampoo or SO DEEP to detox the hair and scalp

RPR my-clarifying-shampoo

Stay True to manufacturers instructions and don’t try to speed up the process

You will be under a lot of pressure and no doubt working extra long hours. You might be tempted to speed up the processing time but please DON’T. You will not achieve the desired results if you do not allow for the correct time and formula.

Prescribe salon quality home haircare

You are the expert that your clients rely for advice to keep their hair in peak condition. Talk to them about what products you are using during the service and recommend what will help them to keep their hair hydrating, strong and conditioned between visits. Colour products like RPR LOVE MY COLOUR, SO REPAIRING and RPR EXTEND MY COLOUR shampoo, conditioner & treatments have UV protectors to help prevent colour fade as well as strengthening, smoothing and restructuring properties.

SO Repairing Shampoo & Conditioner

You are a valued member of the RPR community. These next few months could be overwhelming as everyone will be relying on you to transform them. If you plan for the above, then much of the stress should not eventuate. If you need any advice, please call your rep or reach out.

Good luck.

The RPR Team x


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