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April 10th, 2024

How To Use Conditioner Properly: Avoid These Common Mistakes

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The Best Way To Use Conditioner: Avoid These Mistakes For Healthy, Luscious Hair

Conditioner is shampoos best friend. They complement each other beautifully and are generally seen together. But why? When we shampoo our hair, we are opening the hair cuticles to remove dirt, oil, and product. Conditioner is then used to repair, nourish, and lock all the nutrients back into the hair, and close the hair cuticles again. It’s kind of like opening and closing a door. So, for your hair to be healthy, luscious, smooth, and full of shine, a professional quality conditioner should always be part of your hair care routine.

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You may hear people say that conditioner makes their hair feel greasy, oily, and limp. This is not the case when used properly. After conditioning your hair should feel smooth, soft, and easy to detangle. Let’s explore a few common mistakes you need to be aware of when reaching for your favourite conditioner bottle in the shower.

Choosing The Wrong Conditioner

Make sure you are always choosing the right conditioner for your hair type and specific hair need. As curly hair is vastly different from thin, straight hair, so too is the conditioner you should use. For example, if your hair is thick, curly, dry, and damaged you will need an effective repairing and smoothing range such as SO Repairing Conditioner or RPR Fix My Frizz Conditioner to revitalise your dry hair while smoothing and nourishing. Whereas fine, thin, straight hair would benefit more from a lightweight range such as SO Essential Conditioner or RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Conditioner, to help make hair stronger and more manageable without weighing it down.

salon only so essential conditioner and salon only so repairing conditioner 300mls next to each other    RPR fix my frizz conditioner and rpr rejuvenate my hair conditioner 300mls next to each other

Incorrect Application Techniques

Generally, when we apply conditioner, we want to concentrate on the mids and ends of your hair. As here the hair tends to be drier and in need of more love and hydration. A great tip is to squeeze out all the excess water before applying your conditioner. This will allow the conditioner to penetrate the hair more easily and effectively, providing your hair with more strength, smoothness, and shine. If you apply too much conditioner at your roots and scalp, it could cause your hair to look dull, limp, and heavy. So, make sure you are always applying and washing out the conditioner correctly.

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Overusing Or Underusing Conditioner: How Much Conditioner Should I Use?

The amount of conditioner you use will all depend on the hair length and hair type. Overusing, and your hair may feel heavy and lifeless, underusing and your hair may be dry and hard to manage. So, getting the balance right is essential. If you have fine, short hair, a small 10-cent piece of conditioner, will be plenty. Alternatively, if you have long, thick, or curly hair, one or two dollops the size of a 20-cent piece of conditioner will provide your hair with much needed nourishment, strength, and shine. Just remember less is more, so always start small, you can always add more if needed.


Rinsing Too Soon

Let’s face it, we are all time poor, but rinsing out our conditioner too soon and we risk it not having enough time to work properly. Most conditioners should be left on for 2-5mins. This will allow it to fully penetrate the hair, and provide it with hydration, smoothness, and a healthy shine. Deep thicker conditioners, such as hair masks, go one step further and should be left on for longer, for example RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Mask should be left on for 10 to 20mins to reap its full benefits.

rpr repair my hair keratin hair mask conditioner

Inadequate Rinsing

Once the conditioner has had time to work its magic, with warm water, gently start to rinse it out. A good tip is to keep rinsing until your hair doesn’t feel slippery anymore, this will ensure all the conditioner has been washed out. Inadequately rinsing can leave hair feeling heavy and flat, so ensure you always wash it out properly.

lady in the shower washing out her shampoo and conditioner

Temperature Matters

Hot Water Hazards

When washing out your shampoo and conditioner, make sure you aren’t washing your hair with extremely hot water. When the water is too hot, it can strip your scalp from its natural oils and dry out both your scalp and hair. When hair is too dry, frizz and hair breakage is more likely to occur. Instead, opt for lukewarm water. This will ensure your scalp and hair cuticles are cleansed and protected without causing any damage.

Cold Water Myths

You may hear that cold showers are best, but are they really? Yes, cold water can help close the hair cuticles, making hair appear slightly smoother and shinier, and in some instances, helping prolong hair colour. However, cold water showers can be very unpleasant and, sometimes, it won’t allow the hair cuticles to open enough to remove all the oil and dirt from the hair. Instead, lukewarm is best. Allowing your shampoo and conditioner to work properly. If you want to switch to cold water at the end to help seal the hair cuticles, go for it. But you don’t need to shiver your entire shower.

Neglecting Leave-In Conditioners

It is important you don’t neglect using leave-in conditioners. Sometimes your hair may need some extra hydration and moisture. This is where leave-in conditioners such as SO Magic, RPR My Vitaliser and RPR Smooth My Ends are perfect. Leave-in conditioners will help combat frizz and leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny. They are perfect for every hair type but especially dry, frizzy and damaged hair, also fantastic for controlling and nourishing curls.

salon only so magic hair treatment with avocado oils and almonds  rpr hair care smooth my ends leave-in hair treatment

Is it good to use a leave-in conditioner every day?

If you wash your hair every day and your hair is quite thick and dry, a leave-in conditioner such as RPR My Vitaliser can help pump moisture into your dry locks while also making it more manageable. However, unless you wash your hair daily, it would not be necessary to use a leave-in hair conditioner every day, as it will still be effective from its first application. So, when deciding on how often you should reach for a leave-in conditioner, it all comes down to how often you wash your hair and your hair type.

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Not Adjusting Conditioner Use With the Seasons

Different seasons bring about different hair needs, so adjusting your conditioner habits with the different seasons can be quite beneficial.

In summer, hair tends to become more fragile as it is exposed to more UV rays and the summer heat. It is important that we counteract this by applying leave-in conditioners such as RPR My Vitaliser. This leave-in conditioner contains UV filters which will protect your hair from the suns harmful rays while also pumping your hair full of hydration and moisture.

Alternatively, in winter we tend to spend a lot of time indoors with heaters and jumpers on. Hair tends to become quite dry and frizzy. So, to combat this, using a deep conditioner such as SO Intense Repairing Masque once a week will help reconstruct and nurture winters dry, damaged hair back to health. Also switching to an anti-frizz conditioner such as RPR Fix My Frizz Conditioner can help control the winter fly aways and frizz.

salon only so repairing mask pink tube    rpr fix my frizz professional conditioner

Benefits Of Using Conditioner

There are so many benefits when it comes to finding the perfect conditioner, from healthy, luscious hair to smooth, frizz free locks. Just make sure you spend the time choosing, applying, and washing out the right conditioner for you. It will then turn your flat, lifeless hair back into something fresh, fabulous, and flawless every time.

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