February 18th, 2024

Taylor Swift Hair Eras

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As Taylor is coming down under it’s the perfect time to reflect on all her eras, not just with music but also with her hair! From wild curls to show stopping bangs she has done it all when it comes to hair and so can you! Here’s some of our favourite Taylor Swift Hair Eras and how you can recreate them at home with a little hair care magic.

Taylor Swift 2006

Taylor’s first ever album was simply named Taylor Swift, and was written while she was in high school with full country flair. Back then she rocked a head full of playful blonde curls reflecting her innocence at the time. To recreate this look, apply RPR Make Me Curly and scrunch into towel dried hair. Shake curls loose after natural drying or use a diffuser for added volume. Once your curls are tight and wild make sure to listen to Tim McGraw and shake them around.

taylor swift hair


Taylor’s next album, titled Fearless, features classics such as Love Story and You Belong With Me. This next phase sees her let her curls loose in more flowing waves. To channel your inner fearless phase, spray Salon Only SO Swell on towel dried hair, and blast dry while twisting random sections to achieve this wild and sexy look. Perfect for finding your Romeo.

Speak Now

Speak Now sees Swift transform from a playful look to a more glamourous aesthetic. Still with her signature curls, her hair is more styled and glossier. RPR Make Me Shine will be your best friend when trying to achieve Swift level shine. Spray this ultra -light shine spray onto styled hair or pump into palms and wipe through hair. This look will have people enchanted to meet you.


Red saw a major hair transformation as Swift said goodbye to her curls and hello to straight cut bangs. This change saw a more mature look for her as she progressed into her twenties, as well as more into the pop genre of music rather than country. If you want to be a Red girl, bust out the red lipstick, straighten those bangs and spray RPR Hold Me Gently on hair to finish and keep your style in place. Now you’re ready to tell your ex that you’re never getting back together (like ever).


Chop off that hair, keep the bangs and shake it off, because this is the 1989 era. Miss Taylor was rocking a short blonde voluminous bob with her bangs. The key with mastering this look is the texture of the bob which is where RPR Boost My Volume comes in. Pump onto roots of dry hair and rub for sexy, tousled Taylor approved locks. This is a look that never goes out of style.


Are you ready for it? It’s the boss girl Reputation era. From bright blonde to a darker, dirtier colour, Taylor was not mucking around in the beauty department. Looking smooth, strong, and healthy she flaunts shoulder length hair with a fringe and slight waves. Get your hands on the RPR Keratin Power Shot to feel as powerful as Taylor and help your hair achieve reputation-level, strength and smoothness. Don’t blame me for how gorgeous you will look.


Let’s get colourful. The lover era is all about embracing your individuality and creative expression. The most fun way to do this is to take a page out of Taylor’s book and put some vibrant colours in your hair. If you want to join the trend but don’t want to commit to permanent colour, use our RPR Vivid Masks. Available in red, pink, purple, blue, yellow, copper, green and silver, all you have to do is apply to hair after washing, leave for 5-15 minutes and rinse well. You’ll need to calm down after you see how good the results are!


Folklore has a simpler aesthetic, inspired by folksongs and escapism. Created during the COVID 19 pandemic, Swift steps into a more whimsical, natural look. Her images feature lots of nature and her hair is often in tight buns. To keep your folklore betty buns in place spray Salon Only So Strong all over your hair. Whip on your cardigan and now you’re ready to frolic in a meadow until August.


The Evermore era follows a very similar style to Folklore, essentially being the winter version of the previous album. Her style still has a folky natural vibe, and she can be seen with her hair in a loose braid. The best way to recreate this is to make sure your hair is healthy and hydrated with a leave-in moisturiser such as the RPR My Vitaliser. Long story short, ‘tis the season for healthy hair’ and this look with have you feeling like Dorothea.


Finally, Midnights is Taylor’s most recent era, and she has rejuvenated her image once again with a whole new aesthetic. She can be seen wearing deep purples and blues and her hair style of choice is a darker blonde with long waves looking as shiny and healthy as it ever has. Give your hair its own midnights makeover with the RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Mask, which will strengthen your strands and give them a youthful lustre. After you’ve used this mask to heal not only your heart but also your hair you will be ready to get on your “vigilante shit” and just remember that karma is your boyfriend.


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