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February 28th, 2022

What Is Purple Shampoo & Why Is It Good For Blonde Hair?

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What Is Purple Shampoo & Why Is It Good For Blonde Hair?

Everything you need to know about purple shampoo.

What is purple shampoo?

Purple shampoo has been specifically designed to help remove unwanted brassiness and yellow tones from blonde, grey and coloured hair. To get slightly technical for a second … purple sits opposite to yellow on the hairdressing colour wheel and hence is used to counteract or neutralise brassy and yellow tones. So, to maintain your beautiful blonde hair at home, most hairdressers will recommend investing in a professional grade purple shampoo to ensure your hair and colour is nourished, bright and maintained to the highest standard.

How often should I use a purple shampoo and how long should I leave it on for?

A purple shampoo offers a wonderful way of maintaining your beautiful blonde hair at home and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used daily to maintain your colour and remove any unwanted brassy tones or used once a week and left on for a longer period, for more intense toning. It all comes down to your hair type, current shade, and desired outcome.

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If you are after a daily purple shampoo, we would recommend our RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner range or our Amiplex Blonde Toning Shampoo and Conditioner range. For daily upkeep, try leaving the shampoo on for 1 – 2 mins, followed by the conditioner for a further 1 – 2 mins. They will both help with toning and maintaining your blonde hair, as well as nurturing, conditioning, and adding shine to your locks.

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For more intense toning, we would recommend our SO COOL Shampoo and Conditioner range once or twice a week and leaving it on for 1 min for mild toning, or up to 15mins for extreme, intense toning. Once you have achieved your desired colour, you can alternate between your normal professional shampoo and your purple shampoo.

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Please note, if you use purple shampoo too often you may notice a slight purple hue, or your hair may appear darker than desired. If this happens, just switch to your normal professional shampoo and conditioner for a few washes before recommencing using your purple shampoo and conditioner again.

Which purple shampoo and conditioner should I use?

Depending on the level of toning you are after, there are different shampoos and conditioners to choose from.

For example, RPR Brighten My Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner range offers mild and gentle toning, while our SO COOL Shampoo and Conditioner range offers intense blonde toning and for those who are after a cooler, grey-blonde.

Additionally, there is also an Amiplex Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner range for individuals that would like mild blonde toning while also strengthening hair bonds and reducing breakage.

Just remember, some other purple shampoos on the market can be a bit drying on the hair, so always choose a professional and nourishing shampoo and team it up with a high-quality conditioner to ensure a soft, smooth and frizz free finish.

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If your hair is in need for some extra loving and nourishment, we recommend investing in a repairing mask such as Amiplex Blonde Toning 3 Mask, SO Blonde Treatment, SO Intense Mask or RPR Repair My Hair Mask to ensure optimal hair health, condition, and shine.

rpr repair my hair treatment with coconut and aloe vera

Is purple shampoo only for blonde hair?

You may find it interesting to learn that purple shampoo can also be used on brown hair to neutralise and rid your hair of orange and brassy tones. It is ideal for maintaining a cool tone with violets and chocolates. It will also help keep any highlights in brown hair bright, cool, and fresh.

So, if you are ready to say good-bye to unwanted brassiness and yellow tones from your hair, do your research. At RPR Australia, we encourage you to invest in a professional grade and extremely nourishing shampoo and conditioner such as the highly popular SO COOL, or the trusted and tested RPR and Amiplex ranges. You will never look back!

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