February 23rd, 2021

Top 5 Quick And Cute Back To School Hairstyles

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Quick And Cute Back To School Hairstyles

We’ve all dreaded getting ready for school. After all, with the pressure of homework and waking up early every day comes the added pressure of looking good at school. So, we’re here with a solution to two of your problems (unfortunately, homework is not our forte)!

With this blog, we’re getting you more beauty sleep with quick and cute back to school hairstyles that save you some time in the morning.

1. Loose Waves

The idea of achieving perfect loose waves might seem daunting and time consuming. But trust us, it’s much simpler and won’t get you late to that morning class! Part your hair and grab big sections. All you need is a wide curling wand and a couple of go-to products. First spray your dry hair with RPR PROTECT MY HAIR heat protector for hair to help prevent breakage or damage.

Take the hair in sections and curl it with the wand or even use a straighter twisting it for curls. Spritz hair with RPR HOLD ME GENTLY styling spray as you go for extra hold. Once you’re done curling your hair, running your fingers through your hair and spraying RPR HOLD ME GENTLY will loosen the big curls into beautiful natural-looking loose waves. Getting bigger sections of your hair plus using a wide curling wand really makes the process super quick.

Blond Woman With Long Wavy Hair. RPR hair


2. Top Knot

On days when you can’t stop snoozing your alarm in the morning or maths class is super stressful, the Top Knot is a hairdo that’s proven to get us through any difficulty. All you need for this style is gather, twist and tie! Yes, you read that right.

First spritz with RPR UNTANGLE ME hydrating mist to help smooth hair and reduce flyaways. Get all your strands up to the crown of your head and wrap it in a circular motion before you secure it with a hair tie. Finish by spraying RPR MAKE ME SHINE glossing mist over your style. This will help to quickly smoothen any extra flyaways down as well as giving hair a healthy, glossy finish.




3. Braided Half Tie:

A perfect combination with dresses and that cute sweater in your closet, Half-up-half-down hair is a very feminine and chic hairstyle. Give your classic half-tie an edge by French braiding from the top of your head. If you have an extra 5 mins, twist the half tie to make a top knot.

Now isn’t that something that’ll turn heads at school? We know that this hairstyle would be best suited to voluminous hair and we’re here to help you with that. Spraying the SO SWELL is a good way to add weightless texture and lifting to this hairdo.



4. Scrunchie Ponytail

We’re not sure whether to call ponytails a basic or a classic but we do know that a ponytail is the best option on days when time is not on your side. This is literally the easiest hairdo.

All you need to do is spritz some RPR UNTANGLE ME into your strands the night before. You’ll be surprised how much time it’ll save you the next morning by alleviating knotting and an unwanted bedhead.

In the morning, all that’s left to do is scoop the hair up into a pony and secure it with a scrunchie. Spice it up with a scrunchie and make it a statement look like Hailey Bieber.




5. Braids

Braided updos often look so magical, you’d think only a hair stylist can do that. However, some braids are quick and easy while still looking like a fairy godmother cast a spell on you.

Some essential products to help braid are RPR UNTANGLE ME hydrating mist to make sectioning easy and keeping hair in place as well as RPR HOLD ME TIGHT session spray. You can use this to work volume into your style as you go, it doesn’t leave residue and is brushable to finish your style and hold it in place.

Try the fishtail braid that is like weaving two strands of your hair that makes it look a lot more intricate than the standard 3 strand braid. Second, braided bangs that not only keep your overgrown fringe away from your face but is also a trend we see at Coachella and other festivals. It’s a cute little addition to any hairdo and is as easy as a few fun hair twists. Do small fine braids on either side of your face and then secure them together at the back of your hair with a bobby pin.

What we mean is, braids are like a magic potion that assure a good hair day to any hair length/type.



Now that you have these super cute hairdos, gear up for a stylish school year. A lot of things at school can be boring but your hair doesn’t have to be one of them xoxo


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