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September 16th, 2021

Perfect Pamper Night Hair Products

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Perfect Pamper Night Hair Products

A how to guide for home hair pampering

It’s tough times like these that make putting time aside for yourself absolutely essential. For some, it can be hard to find time for self-care but it plays a big role in terms mental health and well-being. Getting through a lockdown gets easier when self-care becomes a frequent practise. We all definitely have some time to spare and what would be better than getting out of a lockdown with luscious locks? We’re picked out some of our favourite products to throw into your personal routine!


Girl’s night in pamper products

One of our top recommendations when you’re home alone at night would be a hydrating and nourishing hair mask! Most of our masks, wash out after 10-15 minutes, which gives you time to do something good for the soul and mind. Maybe sit in the bath and catch up on that Netflix show you’ve been meaning to watch or a glass of wine with a book couldn’t possibly go wrong! When the 15 minutes are over, you wash out the mask and can go on with your day feeling calmer and enjoying healthier hair. Some of our personal picks for a pamper night are the RPR REPAIR MY HAIR KERATIN TREATMENT, SALON ONLY SO INTENSE MASQUE or the AMIPLEX ENRICH BOND REPAIRING TREATMENT.

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Pamper your senses

Another great way to unwind in these stressful times is aromatherapy. There is nothing better than you and your personal space smelling great! Its scientifically proven to be a mood booster and who doesn’t want that. One of our favourite smells in the world would be the RPR PROTECT MY HAIR SPRAY. Made with organic goji berries this iconic product has an iconic smell to match. Think of a light breeze, walking through a field filled with delicious fresh berries. That’s the vibe. Spray it all over your hair before using heating tools or even just spray it around your room when you need a pick me up.

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Hair pamper packs

It’s hard to feel good on the inside when you’re not looking your best on the outside. For all our ladies and men who colour their hair it’s so important that you look after it, so that your colour can always be looking its best. Between hairdresser visits you can still keep your blonde looking brighter for longer. A good quality toning purple shampoo is crucial, to get rid of brassy strands. SALON ONLY SO COOL SHAMPOO is totally the way to go. Shampoo twice and leave the second lather on your hair while you cleanse your face, shave, wash your body etc. By the time you wash it out again and follow with the SO COOL CONDITIONER, you will have said bye-bye to brassiness and hello to a gorgeous blonde. For a great value blonde toning pamper time, get the SO COOL QUAD PACK which includes the shampoo, conditioner, a treatment and a styling product.  If your hair isn’t blonde but still coloured you still need to look after it! Rather than a purple shampoo, opt for a colour protector, such as RPR EXTEND MY COLOUR SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER PAMPER PACKAGE. With luxurious coconut oil, this shampoo will make you’re colour so vibrant, you’ll feel like you just got it done.

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Remember to always take care of yourself in these times. Your body and mind deserve a reward for getting you through a global pandemic, and of course always look after your hair. It is the crown you never take off.


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