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December 4th, 2019

On Trend Hair Colours For 2020

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On Trend Hair Colours For 2020

With the start of a new year comes a spontaneous desire to shake things up a bit.

While some are keen to hit the gym – we prefer to make an appointment with our favourite hair stylist.

Whether you’re leaning towards going lighter with blonde, transforming into a rich copper or getting creative with pink, we’ve got your 2020 inspo sorted.

Check out all the brilliant hair colour trends we’re loving right now and some creative formulas to take to your favourite Mycolour hairdresser.


For blondes who want to have some fun with pink without the commitment, ask your hairdresser for a creative pink toner during your next salon visit. The toner will last up to 2 weeks and will gradually fade over time into a soft pastel pink. In 2020 we predict this pink trend to continue to grow strong.

Mycolour breakdown:
Completed half a head of medium weaved foils with:
80g 20vol + 40g Mycolour white powder lightener and lifted to a pale yellow (Level 10).
Toned: 60g Zero Lift + 19g 9.32 + 17g PS + 4g 7.62
Processed for 20 minutes.


Warm up your mood with the boldness of copper. Red hair is undeniably gorgeous and has seen a steady rise in popularity across hair salons over the years.

Copper is so versatile and the only hair colour that works on every single skin tone. It can be soft or bold – making it one of the biggest go-to hair colours of 2020.

If you are looking for a change, ask your hairdresser for your perfect copper.

young lady with red copper hair on a white background

To re-create this look with RPR MyColour apply:
Mid to ends: 60g 30vol + 20g 7.44 + 10g 8.43 + 5g Red + 5g Yellow
Roots: 60g 10vol + 20g 6.4 + 10g 6 + 5g Red + 5g Yellow.
Process for 35mins


Every time summer rolls around, we see an increase in lighter locks, from shimmering blonde highlights to creamy dreamy blondes. Summer just isn’t summer without our blonde babes.

As blondes come in many different shades it is always recommended to speak to your hairdresser on the best shade for you.

To enhance your features, we suggest opting for some face-framing highlights, it will not only provide your hair with a summer pop but also make you feel fresh and fabulous.

young lady with creamy blonde hair and curls on white background

To re-create this look with RPR MyColour:
Complete ½ a head of baby lights, applying more foils around the front section for boldness.
Underneath nape section: 30g Mycolour white powder lightener + 60g 20vol
Roots to ends: 30g 5vol + 15g 8.14 + 5g 8.52
Tone Foils: 30g 5vol + 15g 10.32 + 5g PS
Process for 20 minutes.


Bring on the long summer nights and beach-inspired sandy blonde hair. Sandy blonde is blonde enough without being too bright or harsh on your complexion. Full of dimension, this colour is a must have for 2020.

Mycolour breakdown:
Completed full head of foils with:
Roots: 30g of Mycolour white powder lightener + 45g of 20vol.
Mids and ends: 40g 5vol & 20g white powder lightener.
Tinted roots: 45g of 20vol + 15g 8.1 + 15g 8.111.
Toned foils: 45g of Zero Lift + 10g PS 10g + 10.12 + 10g 9.12.
Processed for 20 minutes.

If you decide to take the plunge and try out a new look in 2020, just remember to always look after your stunning new locks with a nourishing and professional colour care range such as RPR Love My Colour or RPR Extend My Colour. This will ensure you get vibrant lasting colour and shine.


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