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September 30th, 2022

How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Split Ends

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How To Prevent & Get Rid Of Split Ends

The dreaded split ends. Everyone with long hair at some point in time, has looked down at the ends of their hair and discovered dreaded split ends. But what really are they and how can you avoid getting them? We have spoken to the experts and compiled a list of handy tips and tricks to make sure your hair stays healthy and split end free!

What Are Split Ends?

Split ends occur when a hair strand splits in two. It usually occurs at the ends of your hair but can appear anywhere down the hair strand. When your hair experiences a lot of split ends, it generally indicates that your hair is dry, damaged, or brittle.

People with many split ends also tend to find it hard to grow their hair passed a certain length, as it tends to snap off before it reaches the desired length.

What Causes Split Ends?

There are many factors that cause or increase the chances of split ends, such as excessive heat styling, hair colouring or bad brushing habits.

– Heat Styling Without Protection

Lifestyle factors such as heat styling with blow dryers or hair straightens excessively can cause your hair to become highly prone to split ends, as they tend to dry out the hair and strip away much needed moisture.

To reduce your chances of split ends from heat styling, make sure you always use a thermal hair protection spray such as SO HOT or RPR Protect My Hair before picking up the blow dryer or hair straighter. These sprays lightly coat and shield the hair up to 220 degrees, offering a protective barrier and trapping in hair hydration.

so hot thermal protection spray

– Hair Colouring & Lightening Services

Colouring your hair, especially hair lightening, and bleaching services can increase your chances of split ends occurring. This is because excessive hair colouring can cause the hair structures and bonds to weaken, break or split. To ensure your hair integrity is maintained during the colouring process, ask your hairdressers for Amiplex. Amiplex is a professional and advanced 2 step bond-building system which can be added to all colour and bleach products to ensure your hair stays strong and healthy during the colouring processes. It also helps by maintaining and reconnecting the hair bonds and internal structure of the hair.

amiplex connect and amiplex fortify

The Amiplex range also offers a take home care system, specifically designed to ensure optimum hair condition and health between salon visits. The system includes a hair strengthening shampoo, conditioner, and treatment in either Amiplex Enrich for coloured hair or Amiplex Enrich Blonde Toning for blonde or highlighted hair.

– Incorrectly Combing or Brushing

Do you know that brushing your hair in certain ways can increase your chances of split ends? At RPR Australia we recommend brushing your hair from bottom to top. That is, taking small sections of the hair from the mid lengths or lower levels brushing down and then working upwards. Starting at the top of the hair can causes more knots and tangles to occur, increasing the chances for hair damage and breakage.

Also, as your hair is more fragile when it is wet, another tip to help avoid split ends and hair breakages, is to use a wide tooth comb. These combs have been specifically designed to detangle wet hair gently and carefully. If you find your hair or your kids’ hair quite knotty especially after you wash your hair, we recommend invest in a detangling spray such as RPR Untangle Me. This refreshing spray on conditioner has been designed to offer frictionless wet combing while also promoting stronger, healthier, shiny hair.

rpr untangle me spray

How Do I Fix Split Ends?

Unfortunately, once a hair strand splits in two the only way to remove the split end is to cut it off. That is why prevention and regular hair trims are so important. You may not always be able to avoid them from happening, but there are many measures you can take to reduce the chances of split ends occurring.

– Book Regular Trims at the Hairdresser

As mentioned previously, once a hair strand starts to split the only way to protect the hair from splitting further is to cut it off. Generally, the longer you wait between trims, the higher up the hair your split ends will be. To keep your split ends at bay, we recommend booking in regular trims at the hairdresser every 8 weeks, no matter how long your hair is. Regular trims will ensure your ends are kept fresh, fabulous and frizz free.

– Hydrate & Moistures Your Hair Regularly

To keep your hair as healthy as possible between trims, it is important you maintain hair hydration and moisture. At RPR Australia, we recommend gently sealing and protecting the ends of your hair with RPR Smooth My Ends. This leave-in conditioning treatment will moisturise and smooth out any split ends, giving your hair an instant boost of health and shine. It will also provide your hair with a burst of hydration, making your hair stronger and less prone to splitting.

rpr smooth my ends

In addition, RPR Fix My Frizz Smoothing Serum is also fabulous in treating, sealing and moisturising the ends of your hair. This serum will help by taming any frizz while also providing added gloss and shine.

In Conclusion

When it comes to split ends, prevention, hair hydration, and regular trims is key. You may not always be able to prevent all split ends from happening but making sure you always use heat protection when styling, asking for Amiplex during colouring services, and brushing your hair correctly will significantly reduce your chances of split ends forming. Lastly, always remember as soon as you see any split ends forming it’s best to pay a visit to your favourite hairstylist for a hair revive and refresh.


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