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October 21st, 2020

How To Find The Right Scalp Shampoos For You

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Taking Your Hair From Greasy To Great & Dry To Re-hydrated

How To Find The Right Scalp Shampoos For You.

Finding the right products for your hair can sometimes be difficult. There are so many different products on the market, it is not surprising how confusing it is to find something that will not overly dry your hair, nor cause it to become greasy.

Greasy To Great

If your hair always seems greasy, finding the right solution can be hard because there are products that claim to resolve the greasiness, but in fact only make the condition of your hair worse.

Let’s first go back to the basic. It is a natural process for your hair to create oil – called sebum. It comes from your scalp, and it’s produced to give your hair a natural moisturiser.

However, over time, for some people this natural oil will build up and cause hair to look and feel greasy. On top of this, environmental factors such as product build-up and pollution, can also cause your hair to become overly greasy.
For those experiencing oiliness or build-up, you ideally want a product that has a high-quality cleansing agent to clean your hair of these oils and the build-up.

SO DEEP Shampoo has been scientifically designed to provide your hair with a deep clean and detox, to remove excess oil and product build up without drying out your hair. It is combined with purifying Echinacea and Australian Native Lemon Aspen extracts to help cleanse and restore your hair back to life.

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Australian Made & Owned. Paraben Free. Sulphate Free. Vegan.


Another fantastic solution is RPR DE-CHLORINATE MY HAIR Shampoo. This clarifying shampoo will deeply cleanse your hair and remove chlorine, odours, chemicals, minerals from bore water and product build-up. It is perfect for oily scalps. With soothing Gingko and Cucumber extracts it’s gentle enough for daily use.

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Australian Made & Owned. Paraben Free. Vegan.


Dry To Re-hydrated

A dry and itchy scalp can ruin any good hair day and can be quite embarrassing especially when wearing black. So, taking the time to invest in a high-quality anti-dandruff shampoo can be a life saver.

Dandruff is basically dead skin cells that your scalp is over shedding. Poor quality products tend to make the situation worse, so we always recommend investing in salon quality shampoos to ensure optimal hair health and an effective treatment.

SO CLEAR Shampoo has been designed by leading hairdressers to help relieve dandruff, flaky and irritated scalps. Its gentle yet powerful formula has been created to deeply penetrate the cortex and repair while also nourishing the hair with soothing Australian Nettle, Comfrey Root extracts and invigorating Peppermint Oil.

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Australian Made & Owned. Paraben Free. Sulphate Free. Vegan.


Another must have shampoo perfect for treating dandruff is RPR TREAT MY SCALP Shampoo. This gentle shampoo has been specifically designed to soothe dry, irritated scalps while treating dandruff and cleansing the hair. The formula contains Ginseng, Aloe Vera and herbal extracts to help promote a healthy scalp while leaving the hair soft, shiny and full of life. It is ideal for any hair type and gentle enough for daily use.

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Australian Made & Owned. Paraben Free.


Important Shampoo Tips

Often it becomes necessary to wash your hair more than once. We recommend shampooing your hair twice. The first lathering will remove the dirt. You will know this has been done because your hair will lather more the second time, ensuring a total and optimal clean. Then finish with a professional conditioner for a smooth, soft look.

Finding the right shampoo isn’t hard if you know what to look out for. Greasy hair and dry itch scalps can become a thing of the past when you choose the right products for your hair.

Always remember to invest in salon quality products, it is a smart investment that you’ll never regret!


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