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April 14th, 2020

Helping Hairdressers Generate Income During The Corona Virus Crisis

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Helping Hairdressers Generate Income During The Corona Virus Crisis.

5 Handy tips to help you generate sales and maintain client loyalty.

The excellent forecast for the hairdressing industry is that when restrictions lift, we are going to be super busy fixing re-growth, correcting home botched hair jobs and restoring self-esteem to the long-neglected masses who have been in isolation. So, hang in there. Your time to shine will come.

Until then, you need some income and your loyal clients need your help.

The RPR Team has come up with a few handy tips to help you generate sales and maintain client loyalty.

1. You are the expert. Your opinion and advice are valuable. You are trained to help your clients maintain good hair health, condition and style. Although their colour might have re-growth, they can still ensure their hair is in peak condition for the chemical processing that they will need when you are back working. Offer them access to your RPR, Salon Only or AMIPLEX professional products by selling direct to them. This will help them maintain hair health and give you an income.

2. You don’t need a website to sell. Engage with them on social media. Offer a consultation via a phone call, email or messaging on Facebook or Instagram. Post that you are selling professional products direct to them currently.

3. Find out their hair concerns and style desires. Advise them on which products to use. E.g. brassy yellow blondes could tone their own hair with SO COOL – the ultimate no yellow tone shampoo. This could help them maintain a brighter look until they can come back to the salon. Home treatments are another way to not only pamper but to ensure hair is kept strong and conditioned so that it is in peak condition for that first professional salon colour. Give them some quick styling product tips to use to help them look their best on House Party or Zoom while video catching up at work or with friends. You could do a quick home tutorial demo for clients to refer to. RPR has some tutorials on our website at www.rprhaircare.com.au in the professional education menu.

4. After the consultation, take credit card payments over the phone. If at all possible try to do a number of consultations close together so that you can place your order with your RPR rep or email sales@rprhaircare.com.au . We are still open and your stock will be delivered. Remember, you get trade prices so that you can make money for yourself.

5. You can either arrange for clients to pick it up at a specified time at the salon or you could do a drop off within a certain distance from your salon. No need to get close. Put the parcel at the doorstep and ring the bell and step back.

Maintaining client relationships, great service and access to professional products will benefit both your clients and your ability to keep some dollars coming in during these unprecedented times. Schedule a service with them that has an open date so that you can lock it in as soon as you are back at work and they are committed to coming to you.

Stay safe and know that you are a valued member of the RPR Tribe. x

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