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September 16th, 2019

5 Common Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

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5 Common Blow Dry Mistakes To Avoid

Blow drying can help you to create a variety of great hair styles.

However, do you often struggle to achieve the perfect blow dry look?
Are you often left with unmanageable and frizzy hair?

Indeed, blow drying can do magic to your hair. However, to get the best results, you need to do it the right way.

Here are our 5 common mistakes that you should avoid while blow drying your hair:

1.  Is your hair too wet?

Hair needs to be towel dried very well prior to blow drying. This will allow for better absorption of styling products and lessen the length of time blow drying the hair.

Blow drying hair when it is overly wet results in overuse of drying, possibly causing dehydration of the hair and dilution of styling products.

Styling tip: After you have towel dried your hair, spray hair with SO MAGIC. This amazing styling treatment will help reduce blow dry time while also offering heat protection and restructuring damaged and stressed hair.

2.  Are you using a heat protectant?

Making use of heat tools to style the hair without applying a heat protectant can do immense damage to your hair. A thermal protectant such as RPR Protect My Hair is a must as it serve multiple benefits. It protects your hair from cuticle damage caused by excess heat, and it will help to achieve great results by smoothing the cuticle creating more shine to your end result.

You can also use our SO HOT thermal protector to achieve a smooth look. SO HOT protects your hair up to 220 degrees and prevents cuticle damage. It is ideal to use when smoothing curly to straight hair by means of blow drying or straightening. It also helps to set curls for a longer lasting result.

3.  Are you using the right brush? 

The right brush helps to style your hair more effectively. Use small to medium round bristles or ionic brushes for curls and waves. Large round brushes help for more smoother and straighter results.

4.  Have you dried your hair correctly? 

Smooth hair starting from the roots and working to the ends ensuring the hair is smooth and reflects shine. For curlier results twirl hair around the brush. Warm the section to set the curl. Allow to cool to set the curl before unwinding the hair from the brush. This ensures longer lasting blow dry result.

5.  Are you using the right heat setting? 

There are different heat settings on your blow dryer, and it is essential to understand which heat setting suits which hair type and texture.

Use medium heat for finer hair and higher heat for more coarse hair. Using high heat on finer hair will over dry the hair leaving it feeling fly away and uncontrollable. Low heat on coarse hair takes far too long to style the hair.

With the right technique and products, you can achieve impressive styles easily.


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