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June 24th, 2024

What Is A Hair Mask & How To Use One

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What Is A Hair Mask & Does Your Hair Need One?

Hair masks are vital to ensure your hair stays hydrated, moisturised, and repaired from within. Learn exactly how to use a hair mask and find the best matched masks for your hair type.

What is a hair mask?

A hair mask is an intense, hydrating, and nourishing treatment for your hair. It works from within to strengthen and repair dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. They typically contain powerful ingredients such as oils, proteins, and vitamins, to improve overall hair health.

What is the difference between a hair mask and a conditioner?

In general, conditioners have been designed to smooth, soften, detangle, and condition your hair, making it easier to manage daily. While a hair mask goes one step further and deeply penetrates the hair cortex, repairing damage from the inside out. Hair masks are normally thicker in texture and focus on long-term results.

Do I need a hair mask?

If you have dry, damaged, frizzy, or coloured hair, a hair mask should certainly be included in your hair care routine, to provide strength and an extra burst of moisture. If your hair is not cared for properly, it could become brittle and prone to hair breakage.
Also, if you suffer from a dry scalp, hair masks can help improve and provide much needed hydration, while also aiding in hair growth.

How often should I be using a hair mask?

Generally, a hair mask is used once or twice a week depending on your hair type. If your hair is severely damaged, try applying a hair mask twice a week, and then gradually decreasing it to once a week, once you are happy with the results.

a lady using an rpr hair care mask and brushing it through her hair


How To Use A Hair Mask Guide

Understanding how to use a hair mask correctly is so important, this will ensure you are maximising the products benefits and your hair health. When hair masks are applied correctly, they can transform dry and damaged hair into soft, healthy, and luxurious locks.

Step 1: Shampoo

Many people often wonder if you should put a hair mask on before or after shampoo. The correct answer is, after. You should always shampoo your hair first to remove excess dirt, oil and product build-up. It will also open the hair cuticle to allow the hair mask to fully penetrate the hair.

Step 2: Apply the hair mask

Once you have rinsed the shampoo off, squeeze out any excess water and pat dry with a towel. Then apply the hair mask all over the hair, focusing on the mid to ends. You can comb the mask through the hair as well to ensure the product is evenly distributed throughout.

Step 3: Wait time

To maximise the hair masks benefits, you should leave them on for 10 mins, or for a deeper treatment, wrap your hair in a warm towel and leave them on for 20 mins. This will allow for the hair mask to fully penetrate the hair and work its magic.

Step 4: Rinse

Next, it’s time to rinse it out. Make sure you thoroughly rinse your hair with warm water. Once the product has been washed out, your hair should feel smooth but not over slippery. If your hair still feels slippery, then you may need to give it another rinse until all the product has been removed.

Step 5: Style

Finally, squeeze out any excess water and gently pat dry with a towel. If you are using heat styling tools, make sure you always use a heat protectant spray such as RPR Protect My Hair first, to avoid damaging your hair.

Hair mask do’s and don’ts:

Do: Apply a hair mask on slightly damp or towel-dried hair for better absorption.
Do: Use a wide-tooth comb to distribute the mask evenly.
Do: Focus on the mid to ends of your hair, as these areas tend to be drier and more damaged.
Do: Leave the hair mask on for the recommended timeframe, to ensure the product has time to fully penetrate the hair.
Don’t: Apply the mask on your scalp unless it’s designed for scalp treatment.
Don’t: Use too much product. Using a bigger portion of the product won’t necessarily provide you with better results.
Don’t: Use a hair mask more than twice a week to avoid over-conditioning.

Which hair mask is the best for my hair?

There are many hair masks on the market. To help, we have listed below our 6 best hair masks we know you will love.

Top 6 Best Hair Masks

1. RPR Charcoal Smoothing Treatment Mask

• For all hair types
• Designed for all hair types to create soft, silky smooth hair with shine and condition.
• A hair mask to repair, smooth, detoxify, and add shine to your hair.
• Rich in 100% Bamboo Charcoal, Vitamins, and Amino Acids.
• Detoxifying scalp care removes excess oil and restores balance.
• No Silicones. No Sulphates.
• Vegan.

rpr charcoal smoothing treatment hair mask

2. SO Intense Mask

• For dry hair
• A hair mask to intensely restructure and nourish dry, damaged, and coloured hair.
• Formulated with advanced keratin protein complex Kera-Cysteine, to deeply penetrate the cortex and repair hair.
• Combined with nourishing Australian Native Quandong, Kakadu Plum, and Desert Lime extracts rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants promoting elasticity and shine.
• Ideal as a porosity equaliser prior to toning.
• Australian Made & Owned.

salon only so intense hair mask

3. RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Mask Treatment

• For dry, chemically treated, or coloured hair.
• Intensive protein reconstruction
• Enriched with Keratin Protein, Aloe Vera, and Ginseng extracts, it deeply penetrates the cuticle to reconstruct hair from within.
• Restores gloss and vitality and helps prevent frizz and breakage.
• Ideal as a porosity equaliser prior to toning.
• Australian Made & Owned.
• Vegan.

rpr repair my hair keratin hair treatment

4. Amiplex Stage 3 Enrich, Hair Mask Treatment

• For coloured, dry, damaged, or frizzy hair.
• Designed to enrich and strengthen hair bonds with nourishing amino acids, essential vitamins, minerals, and moisture.
• Enriched with Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Jojoba, Aloe, and Almond Oil, providing strength and hydration to your hair.

amiplex enrich hair treatment

5. RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Mask Treatment

• For dry, coloured hair
• Will not weigh hair down.
• Anti-ageing to strengthen and restore hair with youthful lustre.
• Enriched with a blend of Rosehip, Inca, Baobab, and Biotin, fragile lifeless or damaged hair will transform into lustrous healthy-looking hair with body, bounce, and shine.
• Split ends will be reduced to help maximise hair length.
• Dry scalps will be hydrated, and oily scalps balanced.
• Can be a porosity equaliser before toning colour.
• Australian Made & Owned.
• Vegan.

rpr rejuvenate my hair treatment mask

6. SO Blonde Toning Treatment

• For blonde, grey and highlighted hair.
• Brightens, tones & hydrates
• Formulated with advanced keratin protein complex Kera-Cysteine, to deeply penetrate the cortex and repair hair.
• Combined with revitalising Australian Native Wattleseed, Desert Lime, and Kakadu Plum extracts rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants to moisturise and rejuvenate hair.
• Australian Made & Owned

so blonde toning hair treatment

No matter what hair mask you choose, just make sure you include one in your hair care routine. It will ensure your hair stays strong, shiny, and healthy all year round. Happy hair pampering!


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