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December 15th, 2020

Top 5 Easy Christmas Party Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

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Top 5 Easy Christmas Party Hairstyles For Every Hair Type

It’s now that time of the year again with non-stop celebrations and traditions. With all the parties going on, we have compiled a list of our top 5 favourite easy hairstyles that are sure to turn heads this Christmas.

1. Best Christmas Hairstyle for Straight Hair

Sleek High Ponytail

Sleek High Ponytail hairstyle

Image source – Pinterest

A classic that never disappoints, the sleek high pony is a great way to stand out at a Christmas party. Start by spraying your hair with RPR Protect My Hair Spray and blow dry so it is smooth and straight. Once hair is completely straight, pull back into a high ponytail ensuring there are no bumps at the roots. Next use RPR Pomade, a high shine, high hold paste, to smooth hair from roots to ends to create a sleek look to the hair. To add some volume and texture, pump RPR Boost My Volume onto the mids and ends. It will give extra sexy tussled, weightless texture and body to your do. Finally finish with spraying Salon Only SO Strong Lacquer all over hair to ensure your hairstyle stays in place all night long.


2. Best Christmas Hairstyles for Long Hair

Summer Waves

long beachy hairstyle

Image source – Pinterest 

For an effortless look, the summer waves hairstyle compliments every Christmas party outfit. To create the look, start by using Salon Only SO Hot Thermal Protection Spray all over hair to protect it from damage caused by your styling tools and to help with curling and setting. Next, with the styling tool of your choice, curl your hair in tight curls. Once this is done, brush out the curls so that they turn into loose waves. Spray some RPR Hold Me Gently Spray for a gentle hold and some volume to finish off the look.


3. Best Christmas Hairstyles for Curly Hair

Loose Side Braid

loose side braid with curly hair

Image source – Pinterest 

For an easy yet stylish look, why not try taming your killer curls by pulling them into a cute and elegant side braid. Start by adding some RPR My Vitaliser and a small amount of RPR Fix My Frizz Serum to help tame your naturally curly hair, it will also provide you with added shine and gloss. Next, loosely braid your hair down on an angle until you reach the top of the neck. Tie it off and let your natural curls hang free. To finish the look, spray down any fly-aways RPR Hold Me Tight Session Spray.


4. Best Christmas Hairstyles for Short Hair

Half Up Top Knot

top bun hairstyle on short hair

Image source – Pinterest 

For a sweet and simple look this Christmas, try adding a half up top knot to your short hair. This will add height and make your hair appear longer. For a natural lived in looks, rub RPR Pure Grit into your hands and apply to your dry hair. This light weight, low shine, pliable styling grit will help add definition, texture & hold to your short hair. Next twist the upper section of your hair into a small bun. Finally lock the look in place with RPR Hold Me Forever Session Spray for a strong hold and natural shine.


5. Best Christmas Hairstyles for Thin Hair

Voluminous Waves

wave on fine hair hairstyle inspo

Image source – Pinterest 

To spice up your thin hair this Christmas, add in some extra texture and volume with some loose voluminous waves. Start by adding a few sprays of our lightweight SO Magic Styling Treatment for thermal protection and volume, it will also help improve hair elasticity and reduce hair fall. Once your hair is dry, use your favourite styling tool to create some loose waves. For added texture, spray hair with SO Swell Sea Salt Spray and finish by locking it all in place with RPR Hold Me Tight Session Spray.

Whichever hairstyle you choose this Christmas, we hope you have a fun, safe and festive season – with fabulous hair of course!


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