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April 28th, 2021

Scalp Treatment: Products and Tricks

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Scalp Treatment: Tips and Tricks

Dry, itchy, irritated scalp? We have the scalp treatment products and tricks to help! Skincare and Haircare are an integral part of almost everyone’s daily routine. However, scalp health is often neglected. People often focus on dry, damaged hair and overlook scalp and dandruff issues. Hair wash patterns and product usage can have an impact on the scalp that often goes unnoticed.

Some of the common scalp concerns include dandruff i.e. dry scalp, scalp dermatitis, acne, product build-up, dead skin, excess sebum etc. While some of these scalp concerns may need to be addressed medically, some are super easy to tackle at home. It’s 2021! Time to be in tune with what your scalp needs.

Cosmopolitan magazine recently called Scalp care one of the “Top Trends in 2021” and we’re here to make sure you don’t miss out!  We are happy to help you understand your scalp better and give you perfect solutions from our range of products. Read on to see our favourite scalp treatment products and tricks.

1. Dandruff (Dry Scalp)

Dandruff refers to dead skin cells that flake off from your scalp. This is a common scalp concern that generally occurs in winter. Just like the skin on the face, the scalp gets dry and flaky too. Sometimes this condition can also arise if you are over washing your hair or not giving your scalp and body basic hydration that it needs. It is essential to be mindful of your current hair routine in terms of frequency of washes, excessive dry shampoo usage and inadequate consumption of water.

It is critical that you don’t mistake dermatitis for dandruff. While dandruff is basically dry, white flakes, dermatitis generally looks like yellow sticky flakes accompanied with red or itchy scalp and generally occurring in patches. Dermatitis needs medical attention and constant care, but dandruff can usually be fixed just by using the right products.

For people that tend to over wash their hair, the RPR TREAT MY SCALP SHAMPOO gently treats and cleanses the scalp. Natural ingredients like Aloe and Ginseng promote a healthy scalp and hydrate the hair making the product a good choice for daily use.

If you prefer a sulphate free option, the SO CLEAR relieves dandruff and irritated scalp with a deep cleansing effect and it contains Kera-Cysteine that repairs your locks simultaneously. This shampoo has the invigorating freshness of Peppermint oil.

RPR Haircare Products for Dandruff


2. Product Build-up

Excessive usage of styling products, especially cheap silicone varieties, and avoiding adequate washes can cause the product to build up on your scalp. Dry Shampoo, leave-in conditioners and styling products can all be causing this problem. Product build-up is a common and often unidentified scalp concern since excessive product build-up flakes off the scalp as well. Not to forget, product build-up is often accompanied with natural build-up like sebum, sweat and dead skin cells. Excessive build-up clogs the hair follicles leading to breakage, hair fall and even a red itchy scalp.

The best solution to this problem is to get a good understanding of your hair and skin type and developing a regular and thorough wash routine. Ensuring you choose a professional grade shampoo that is gentle on your scalp yet capable to break down excess product is the key to healthy scalp.

Grab the SO DEEP SHAMPOO to remove oil, salts, minerals, chlorine, and product build-up from the hair. Formulated with our advanced keratin protein complex Kera-Cysteine to deeply penetrate the cortex and repair hair. Combined with purifying Echinacea and Australian Native Lemon Aspen extracts to help cleanse and restore the hair.

RPR DE-CHLORINATE MY HAIR is also specially designed to deeply cleanse the scalp and hair of product, minerals, salt, and chlorine. Not only is it ideal for the swimmers amongst us, but it can be used as a specialist clarifying shampoo. With Gingko and Cucumber, it is nurturing and deeply cleansing.

RPR haircare scalp with product build-up

3. Oily Scalp (Excess Sebum) and Dry Ends

A lot of people fall victim to greasy roots and in worse case even scalp acne. A lesser known fact is that sometimes oily scalps come with dry ends. Yes, combination hair types exist too! People that bleach their hair often develop an oily scalp since bleach or colour can strip natural oils from the roots and ends. Other than colour, habits like over washing or using drying products for the scalp can lead to oily scalp and comparatively dry ends. Unlike many other scalp concerns, this one is easy to figure.

An easy hack to make it through this issue would be to use a scalp massager in the shower to increase blood flow and better distribution of natural oils.  After you shampoo your hair at the scalp, only apply conditioner from mid lengths to ends paying attention to the dry areas. If you suffer from an oily scalp, do not condition onto your roots. Try to keep your hair tangle-free to avoid friction and additional dryness. Look for a lightweight gentle but hydrating shampoo & conditioner that will hydrate your hair without weighing it down.

RPR REJUVENATE MY HAIR QUAD PACK is ideal for oily scalps and dry ends. While it is gentle on the scalp, it strengthens your dry strands while restoring lustre. The pack includes shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask because your strands need treatment and extra care in winter and a hydrating mist to untangle your hair and keep it knot- free without weighing it down.

RPR Haircare Rejuvenate my hair quadpack

Long, strong and lustrous lock are usually a result of good scalp care. With the above scalp treatment products and tricks and products your scalp and hair are sure to look and feel fabulous! Wishing all you beautiful people a healthy and happy scalp x


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