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rpr mycolour hair colour 100ml shade 4.14


Ash Copper

Product Code: C4.14

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  • Ingredients: Maiden Hair Marine Extracts, Micro Pigments

For professional use only.
Ask your hairdresser if they stock this product.

  • Details

    RPR MyColour is an innovative reconstructing colour system enriched with Biostructurer Marine Extracts to enhance moisture, impart dazzling shine, and provide vibrant, enduring colour.

    MyColour's intermixable glossy shades provide an endless colour palette of hair colour possibilities with unlimited colouring and toning options.

    Made in Italy. Vegan.

  • Directions

    RPR MyColour 4.14 – Ash Copper

    Mixing ratio: 1:1.5.

    Mix MyColour with Developer Cream in 1:1.5 ratio.

    (eg. 50g Colour Cream + 75g Developer 0, 5, 10, 20, 30, 40 vol, depending on desired lift and final result.)

    For more MyColour Technical Information please click here.

  • Maiden Hair Marine Extracts

    A sought after red seaweed that is found in the shoals of tropical waters. It contains an extract with highly beneficial properties called biostructurer. Biostructurer is an active substance for restructuring the hair. It smooths and protects the cuticle, restoring flexibility and shine to dry damaged hair. Additionally, it forms a soluble film on the hair, which provides protection, during and after colouring ensuring stronger, healthier shiny hair with long lasting colour results.

  • Micro Pigments

    Mycolour contains micro pigments which can penetrate deeply into the hair shaft with minimum swelling.

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