dry, untamed, messy hair

November 29th, 2022

How To Treat Dry Hair

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What Causes Dry Hair?

Nothing spoils a look or a style more than dry, damaged and uncompromising hair. Dry hair can be caused by a whole range of things whether it be over-washing, excessive heat styling and unsuitable hair products, your general health or even your body’s natural sebum production.

What is Sebum?

Sebum is produced naturally by our bodies. It is that slightly shiny, slightly oily substance on our skin and we need it to stay moisturized. Too much sebum production from our Sebaceous Glands can cause oily scalp with a greasy, shiny appearance and too little sebum production can dry us out. A common issue is oily scalps with dry hair. Medications, diet and lifestyle factors can make it hard to keep a healthy sebum balance but sticking to a nutritious diet, maintaining a regular exercise routine and taking into consideration what kind of shampoo and conditioner you are using, you are able to take steps towards better scalp care and not healthier hair.

How To Tell If Your Hair Is Dry

There can be a few different tell-tale signs that your hair is drying out.

  • Hair texture becomes more coarse and frizzy
  • Losing shine and moisture
  • Split ends, breakage & brittle hair
  • Difficult to style

dry, untamed, messy hair

Moisturization Tips for Different Hair Types

Curly: Curly hair can be difficult to tame and even more difficult to keep hydrated and healthy. Extra moisture helps to smooth the cuticle before styling. RPR My Vitaliser leave-in moisturising treatment helps to keep hair hydrated all day long. RPR Argan Plus Oil will help to strengthen hair for a smoother and shinier look. it can be used prior to styling or for added gloss when finishing. RPR Fix My Frizz Serum is an ideal product to help to tame flyaways and split ends and give a glossy finish.

Thick: Thick hair can require extra care against damage caused by environmental and styling factors. Locking in enough moisture to keep your hair healthy and avoiding dry, coarse hair can be a mission. It is always important to ensure your shampoo and conditioner are suitable to your hair type and a deep condition will always help to increase hair health. SO MAGIC shampoo and conditioner are designed to keep hair smooth and nourished with shine. Applying a styling treatment such as SO Magic gives amazing benefits to the hair, helping to protect your hair against heat damage caused by blow drying and can help reduce overall hair dehydration. It will help to nourish your hair and fight against frizz, humidity, UV penetration, hair breakage and pollution.

Including a hair mask once or twice a week into your hair routine will hydrate and reconstruct dry hair from within. RPR Rejuvenate My Hair Treatment can also help to turn back the clock to promote younger, stronger and smoother hair. Made to help strengthen hair, add moisture and reduce split ends, this hair mask is suitable for all hair types. Dry scalps will be hydrated, and oily scalps will be balanced.

Fine, Dry Hair: It can be hard to find a healthy balance when you have fine, coarse hair. Reaching optimal volume whilst still ensuring proper hair health can be hard but it is not impossible. Our stimulating RPR Thicker, Fuller, Stronger shampoo and conditioner helps with scalp care, removing  follicle clogging impurities, encouraging healthy hair growth and giving the appearance of fuller, thicker, longer hair. It is safe for colour and chemically treated hair and breakage and split ends will be greatly reduced.

Mature, Dry Hair: Mature hair that is suffering dryness needs to be trimmed frequently to help promote growth and increase hair health. It is also a good idea to investigate different treatments and masks to improve hair quality and hydration. Our Charcoal Smoothing Treatment Mask is designed to create soft, silky, smooth hair full of shine. It helps to restore scalp balance and remove excess oils. Our RPR Repair My Hair Keratin Treatment is enriched with Keratin Proteins, Aloe Vera and Ginseng extracts to deeply penetrate the cuticle to reconstruct the hair from within. It helps to restore gloss, vitality and will prevent frizz and breakage.

different hair styles and hair types

How to Treat Dry Hair Effectively

  • Use a hydrating shampoo
    Our SO Repairing Shampoo will help to nourish and reconstruct dry and damaged hair. A great baseline for all hair types, it is made with our advanced Keratin Protein Kera-Cysteine so it can deeply penetrate the cortex and repair hair.
  • Make sure to use conditioner
    Simply shampooing will not cut it. Adding a lightweight rinse-out conditioner will help to add life and shine to your hair, keeping it hydrated, healthy and soft. Our Rejuvenate My Hair range or our SO Repairing will turn back your cuticle clock.
  • Try a hair mask / treatment
    For a full on hair care nourishment add a hair mask / treatment to your routine. Bring life back to your hair with 10-20 minute treatment. Our RPR Charcoal Smoothing Treatment will help to detoxify your scalp leaving your hair and head healthy, balanced and free of excess oils.
  • Care for your scalp
    If you are suffering a dry and itchy scalp, check our Treat My Scalp Shampoo – made with ginseng and aloe vera, it is a soft and gentle treatment that will help both skin and hair. SO DEEP shampoo is another gentle option to care for your scalp and hair.
  • Use products to protect from heat styling / UV exposure
    We can’t always avoid heat styling and it is pretty hard to avoid the sun. We have heaps of great heat protective and UV filtering products designed to help stop harmful penetration. Our SO Hot Thermal Styler can protect your hair up to 220°C and hold it in place. RPR Protect My Hair will also keep your hair protected from heat and help prevent breakage.
  • Use professional salon grade products
    Salon grade products will hydrate and reconstruct hair from within, maintaining essential moisture and sealing the cuticle. Your hair is your best asset so look after it well!

At RPR we have a huge range of shampoos, conditioners, masks, treatments and styling products designed to help stop dry and damaged hair. With the weather warming up it is important to take into consideration what you are putting on your skin, scalp and hair this summer.


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