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January 28th, 2021

How To Tame Frizzy Hair: Summer Guide

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How To Tame Frizzy Hair: Summer Guide

Long summer days with a sun-kissed glow is what dreams are made of. Dry, frizzy, unmanageable hair that comes hand in hand with heat, humidity and sun is not part of that dream. A combination of humidity and dry hair can cause the cuticles to swell and absorb moisture from the air creating unwanted FRIZZ!

Protecting your colour and sealing moisture in the hair is just so hard in summer. However, we’re here to help you get through summer frizz-free and save you from the much-dreaded ponytail look throughout summer. We’ve come up with some easy ways to help you to protect your colour, tame your frizz and keep your summer hair looking sleek and fab.


1. Get your shower routine right!

To best tackle your frizzy locks, first start with your basic shampoo & conditioner routine. Choosing the right products is critical to help combat frizz. Take notice of ingredients that naturally are more hydrating and smoothing to the hair. Frizz fighting shampoos should be nourishing on dry hair and the conditioner should be designed to seal moisture in the cuticles helping to smooth the hair and form a layer against external damage. For extra moisture there are also a variety of leave- in conditioners for after the shower. Never forget how frizz is caused in the first place, dry hair!

Create a complete regime with RPR FIX MY FRIZZ SHAMPOO AND CONDITIONER specially designed to smooth, tame and gloss unruly frizzy hair. Ideal for coarse hair, this set has ingredients like Carob Aminos, Collagen and Argan Oil best known of nourishing and moisturising with anti-frizz and anti-humidity properties.

For extra hydration and protection use a moisturising leave-in conditioner. With a restructuring blend of vitamins, proteins and tangerine extracts, RPR MY VITALISER will restore the moisture of your strands while smoothening out the frizz. Whether you style your hair or pop is up in a quick bun, this leave-in conditioner works wonders all day long.

Once you have washed and dried hair, finish your style with RPR FIX MY FRIZZ SHINE SERUM. It glosses and seals flyways and frizz for a smooth finish with shine.

Pro Tip to avoid dry/frizzy hair: Rinse your hair with water as cold as you can handle.

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2. Luxuriate with a Treatment

For an extra boost of hydration, nourishment and reconstruction make time each week to include a mask or treatment in your routine. Treat your dry frizzy hair with an intensely nourishing treatment to help add a protective layer against frizz. RPR REPAIR MY HAIR KERATIN MASK is enriched with Keratin Protein, Aloe Vera and Ginseng extracts to deeply penetrate the cuticle to reconstruct hair from within. It restores gloss and vitality and helps prevent frizz and breakage. Recommended by hairdressers, this is a trusted treatment used in salon and at home to restore hair health and vitality.

Our harsh climate as well as our styling routines can damage hair cuticles creating frizz. Heat styling, friction from brushing, pollution and damaging UV rays can dry and damage hair make it more brittle, frizzy and coarse. Applying a hair mask in the shower could make a big difference in terms of repairing and strengthening your hair for a glossy sheen. SO INTENSE REPAIRING MASQUE is a hero product with Kera-Cysteine and Native Australian Botanicals, Quandong, Desert Lime and Kakadu Plum that intensely repair, restructure and nourish your hair while promoting elasticity and shine.


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3. Avoid Frizzy hair after washing

Your hair can be delicate when you are fresh out of the shower. Using the wrong hair towel can literally break your hair. Same goes for wrong blow-drying techniques especially for our beautiful curly-haired ladies. While towel drying can cause friction further leading to frizz and breakage, direct heat from the hair dryer can cause serious damage and make the frizz uncontrollable. Adding a diffuser attachment to your hairdryer and investing in a micro-fibre hair towel really helps in reducing the amount of swelling that occurs on the cuticle when your hair is wet.

Adding a treatment in before blow drying is a powerful way to ensure optimum hair health and shine. RPR KERATIN POWER SHOT is an express instant smoothing treatment. All the benefits of a keratin smoothing treatment in one blow wave. Hair will be smoothed, strengthened and curls tamed. Either get your hairdresser to apply one for your blow wave and keep the second one for your next blow wave or take it home and do it yourself. Super shiny glossy hair will be yours.

SO MAGIC Styling Treatment is a blow wave saviour with 28 benefits your hair will love. It delivers smooth hair with body, hold and shine. It is also vegan and the packaging made from renewable sugar cane. With Australian Caviar Lime and a Rich Elixir of Oils and Butters hair will be nourished, treated and styled.

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4. Say no to bedhead!

If you have frizzy hair, a wide detangling comb and a satin pillowcase are your best friends before going to bed! Doing either or both will minimise friction and static, the causes of not-so-pretty bedhead. This could be a magical change for someone with coarse hair.

four girls-bedhead-frizzy hair


P.S. It’s okay if you wish to tame unruly hair. We all want what we don’t have! Don’t stress ladies. Embrace what you were born with and we will offer you products that ensure you have more good hair days than bad ones. xoxo


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