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March 4th, 2021

How To Style Beach Waves

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How To Style Beach Waves

Good hair days are made of effortless soft textured waves that come from a fun beach day! Feminine, fresh and gorgeous; beach waves have been a go-to look for quite some time. We can also enjoy those sexy beach style waves away from the sand too! Brunch or even a fun girl’s night out are ideal occasions to flaunt your fabulous hair.

Voluminous waves are also a highly requested look at hair salons which can be achieved at home as well without any hassle. This look is a winner for any hair type. We know that the length of your hair is often a determining factor for most hairstyles, but not this one! We’re here to give you pro techniques to get those bombshell beach waves whether you’re rocking the short hair or have long lustrous locks.

1. Heatless Beach Waves

When beauty sleep means waking up with a universally flattering hairstyle, we’re definitely signing up for it. This is the easiest way to achieve natural and messy beach waves and it works for both long and short hair. After washing your hair, let at least 70-80% of your hair dry. While it’s still damp, section your hair into 3 equal parts and braid it. To avoid crimps, brush your hair before starting. Apply some RPR MAKE ME CURLY styling cream to help define, hold and condition for frizz free waves.

Based on your hair type, you can keep your hair braided from 45 mins for fine hair to hours all together for thicker hair. Our pro tip to achieve the desired waves for short hair would be to make a middle parting and make two braids instead of one for small waves with more definition. While undoing the braid, spritz your hair with RPR HOLD ME GENTLY for long lasting beach waves and gently scrunch your hair for best results.


Braided waves RPR haircare

Image source – Red, White & Denim


2. Sea Salt Beach Waves

If you are after a super quick sexy tussled result, simply spritz SO SWELL sea salt spray into damp hair, scrunch and air dry. Alternatively spritz SO SWELL and gently dry with a diffuser whilst scrunching hair.

So Swell Beach Hair


3. Beach Waves with a Curling Wand

A curling wand is by far the easiest and most common way to achieve beach waves for all lengths. Start with a heat protectant spray like the RPR PROTECT MY HAIR. Apply SO MAGIC styling cream through hair for condition and hold. As easy as this method is, it is ideal that people with different hair lengths follows different techniques of using the curling wand.

It is recommended that for short hair, you should take smaller sections and curl from the very top so that you don’t end up opening the whole curl while trying to run your fingers and loosen them into soft waves. Girls with longer hair can start from mid-lengths and grab bigger sections without the fear of the curls opening. The process of curling should be like wrapping a ribbon around the wand.

Once you’ve curled all the sections of your hair, finish with the RPR HOLD ME GENTLY mist for extra hold. Comb through you tight curls with a wide tooth comb to soften them and give movement.

Styling hair with curling iron RPR haircare


4. Beach Waves with a Flat Iron

With this technique you need not worry about doing it a specific way according to your hair length. Might seem intimidating but curling with a straightener can give mesmerising beach waves like what a hairstylist would do for you. Start with SO HOT thermal styler for heat protection and hold (this is very important to ensure hair is not damaged).

Part your hair and place a small section between the straightener and twist it with your wrist in the motion of moving away from your face. To get the perfect curl assure that the section of your hair is always wrapped around the iron, basically keep twisting as required. Avoid a jerky motion unless you want unruly crimps instead of beachy waves.

This technique is the same for both long and short hair and gives big tight curls that need to be combed through to create soft beachy waves. To maintain a gentle hold through long hours, spritz RPR HOLD ME TIGHT session spray over curls and gently comb through hair.

curling with flat iron RPR haircare

Image source – Kayley Melissa, Youtube

And voila! Here you go, beach waves are a really chic yet quick hairdo that you achieve without splurging on a set of expensive products or salon appointments.


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