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August 11th, 2021


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The Ultimate Guide to caring for your thick strands this season

The most desirable hair type would undoubtedly be thick hair. Thick hair refers to the width of every single strand of your hair, the thickness of your hair has little to do with the density i.e. the number of strands grouped on your head. While some people are longing for thick hair, the people actually blessed with it know the struggle of managing those locks. Especially in the winter when it gets colder and there’s less moisture in the air. Caring for thick hair is time consuming and often comes with issues like frizz and dryness.

Everyday care for thick hair comes down to using the correct products, understanding that moisturising is key to almost all thick hair concerns and some handy tips and tricks. Don’t fret, our guide to caring for thick hair will resolve your doubts and help you achieve healthy and shiny hair!

Cleansing, Conditioning and Treating Thick Hair

Let’s start with the very basics i.e. your shower routine! Picking shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients is always a better option for your thick strands. Products packed with artificially created chemicals are likely to strip off the natural moisture in thick hair making it prone to dryness and breakage. Over washing can be your biggest enemy as it restricts the natural oils from the scalp to reach the strands.

For the basic wash routine, our top picks would be RPR Fix My Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner or SO Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. Fix My Frizz is a promising range to restore smoothness, seal split-ends and most importantly tame frizz. Alternatively, SO Repairing is a sulphate free option with Kera-cysteine that deeply penetrates the cortex and repairs damaged hair and provides intense moisturising. Both the ranges are enriched with natural botanical actives, antioxidants and vitamins to nourish and repair your hair for healthy, shiny locks every day.

RPR Fix my frizz, SO Repairing, shampoo and conditioner

To improve your usual shampoo-conditioner routine, throw in a treatment/hair mask once or twice a week to improve the vitality of your hair and treat damage effectively. We would recommend the RPR Repair My Hair treatment with the magical ingredients of Aloe and Coconut. This product will promisingly nurture and reconstruct your hair whether it’s dry, damaged or chemically treated

RPR Haircare, Repair my hair treatment

Styling, Habits and more!

Girls with thick hair tend to heat style their hair and overuse products to tame and smoothen their ends. While that’s a good temporary fix, it leaves the hair dried and fried in the long run! Small changes in everyday habits can help in managing and possibly avoiding some concerns associated with thick hair.

  • Always use a heat protection product when thermal styling. Keep your heat styling routine to a minimum to avoid heat damage leading to drier, frizzier hair. Stick to a simple blowout and assure the hair dryer is approx. 6 inches away. Use a brush with natural bristles for blow-drying and don’t forget a heat protectant. SO HOT would make for a great choice for both protection & styling.
  • Switch to silk pillow cases. They absorb less moisture from the hair, avoid frizz and friction and keep the tangles to a minimum. To go above and beyond, spritz some RPR Untangle me and comb with a wide toothed comb for better results.
  • To keep your hair nourished from the very root, make sure you’re following a healthy diet, staying hydrated and maintain your vitamin intake or any other essential supplements.
  • Get timely trims to manage split-ends or layers for manageable shape and body. Use a smoothing and sealing product to help seal and repair split ends such as RPR SMOOTH MY ENDS or RPR FIX MY FRIZZ serum.

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