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May 26th, 2020

Amazing Multi-Tasking Hair Products To Save You Time

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Amazing Multi-Tasking Hair Products To Save You Time

Time poor and over worked? We need every bit of help and care that we can get in all aspects of our lives, and that includes hair care.

The next generation of smart multi-tasking products will deliver you more styling and treatment benefits for your hair in one easy process. Gorgeous looks combined with hydrated, smooth and shiny hair are made easy.

Here we have listed our best selling multi-tasking products to make you gorgeous and get out the door quicker.

SO MAGIC Styling Treatment

So advanced and lightweight, this styling treatment delivers an amazing 28 benefits your hair will love. It has a unique blend of Australian Caviar Lime and a rich elixir of Cocoa and Mango butters combined with Olive, Almond, Cotton, Soybean, Avocado, Argan and Macadamia oils. Vegan and cruelty free, this product is ideal for blow waves and styling.

The benefits of this product include:
1. Smooths & softens. 2. Shines. 3. Anti-frizz. 4. Anti-humidity. 5.Holds & controls blow waves. 6. Seals cuticle. 7. Colour protection. 8. Anti-pollution. 9. Reconstructs. 10. Strengthens fragile hair. 11. Gives volume. 12. Reduces blow dry time. 13. UV filter. 14. Detangles. 15. Improves elasticity. 16. Repairs dry damaged hair. 17. Protection from thermal styling. 18. Moisture retention. 19. Prevents split ends. 20. Reduces hair breakage. 21. Evens porous hair. 22. Anti-static. 23. Restores lustre. 24. Makes blow drying easier. 25. Protects again saltwater & chlorine. 26. Curly hair nourishment. 27. Define curls. 28. Soothes dry scalp.

So magic styling treatment by rpr hair care


RPR KERATIN POWER SHOT Express Keratin Styling Treatment

When time and money are an issue and you can’t complete a 3-hour keratin smoothing treatment, this potent gem will give you instant results.

It is an enriched blend of botanicals and keratin to strengthen, de-frizz, smooth and shine. Hair will be smooth and glossy whilst feeling soft and nourished. Speeds up blow-drying time. Suitable for all hair types.

keratin power shot treatment by rpr hair care

Once you discover these multi-purpose and time saving hair products you will never look back and be back on the way to getting the hair you deserve in no time.


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